If you’re looking for tips for saving money this year, you’re not alone. Many people feel like they’re drowning in debt, or just aren’t getting any further ahead when it comes to meeting their family’s needs and putting money aside for a rainy day.

Here are some tips to help you save money this year:


Focus on the credit cards

Credit card debt is one of the worst types of debt. The interest rates are high, and many people can find that they pay the balance of the card off, only to end up needing to use the credit card again the next month.

If you’re aiming to get rid of your credit cards, one of the best ways to do it is to consolidate the debt onto one card. There are some good cards which offer a period (often 6 months) of 0% of interest if you transfer existing balances from another card, which will give you an opportunity to focus on paying the balance and not just the interest each month.

Get the whole family onboard

Kids don’t want to hear that mum and dad are trying to save money, since that means no more fun for them. A good way to get the kids to help out is to make it a game. See how much the family can save, and try to beat it next month.

Have family meetings and talk about how you can cut back, and plan a fun experience as a reward if you can save a certain amount. Maybe it will be a trip to the movies, or even a short vacation, but getting the whole family involved with the process will keep everyone motivated and you may be surprised at just how keen the kids are to help out once you give them some responsibility.

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Look at your lifestyle

We all end up paying for things we don’t need, and these can add up through the years. There’s those magazine subscriptions which no one even reads, the gym membership which is languishing and still coming out of your bank account every month, and probably a few other things which you may have forgotten about.

Take a look at your bank statement, and match up any charges with what they actually are. You may be surprised at just where your money is going. Once you’ve made a list of all of the things you’re paying for, it’s time to cut back.

Cancel any subscriptions you can, or sell them to friends and family. Check the terms and conditions of your gym membership if you find that you never go, as you can also often sell these as well. If you still want to work on your health, consider walking or using public transport to get to work which will allow you to be more active while saving on gas.

There are also plenty of free activities the whole family can do. Get involved in the community, see if you can help those less fortunate, and take advantage of the many free things you can do outdoors with the whole family.