Hoping to save some moolah? Not sure how? This post can help. There are a number of ways you can save money without having to sacrifice fun or completely overhaul your life. Here are some top ways to save money this year:

Use deal sites

The internet is a wonderful thing, and it no longer makes sense to buy anything full price anymore. Online deal sites can come in handy for a variety of products, including everything from books to electronics. Whenever you’re thinking about purchasing something new, check on a few of the top deal sites first to see if you can find a bargain.


Check your spending

Unless you know where your money is going, you won’t know where you can cut down. Use an app or notebook to record all of your spending for a month. Notice patterns- do you often splurge after payday? Do you buy things you don’t need when you feel upset or anxious? Or maybe you tend to spend lots of small amounts, so you don’t quite know where your money is going? Once you notice where you’re spending the most, you can take steps to cut back in small ways- without feeling deprived.

Set some goals

While most of us know we should save for a rainy day, if you haven’t set solid goals for your savings, you won’t have anything to work towards. It’s difficult to save ‘just because’, but if you know you’re saving for that new car, holiday, or house down payment, you’ll feel much more motivated and will be more likely to make the small changes you need in order to put that money in your savings account.

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Change your lifestyle

Many people would like to go on vacation, take a career break, or buy a house. But at the same time, they refuse to quit the twice-weekly dinners out, clubbing, and long, boozy lunches. If you’re constantly dropping money on these types of activities, you can’t expect to be able to save. This doesn’t mean you can’t do these things occasionally, but why not tell your friends you’re trying to save and see if you can arrange for picnics in the park, dinner parties at home, and activities like hiking and days at the beach. It also helps to focus on health. Start exercising, and build a regimen. If you’re a smoker considering switching to a vape, which can be purchased for a trusted online headshop.

Have you met a saving goal recently? What are your top tips for saving money? Leave a comment below and let our readers know.