Even after getting a ticket, you have to contend with going to court, which may require you to take time off work. That is why you need to speak with experienced traffic ticket fixers Los Angeles to see if you can avoid time in the courtroom.

See If the Court Will Allow You To Negotiate the Penalty

Some courts are more than happy to mitigate a traffic offense because avoiding time in the courtroom saves the jurisdiction money. You can typically find this information within the court’s website. You should double check to see how you need to request mitigation, which may require a formal letter in writing, which your traffic ticket lawyer Oakland can assist you with.

For this meeting, you basically admit to wrongdoing but request leniency. There are no guarantees. The judge could grant leniency or keep the ticket the same. In many cases, you can reduce the fine or keep the ticket off your record, preventing your insurance from going up. The judge may have the outcome dependent on you taking a driving course and avoiding future traffic violations.


Request a Trial by Declaration

A trial by declaration is advantageous if you received a ticket in another city that would have required you to drive back there to appear in court. With this, you present all the evidence in written form that a judge reviews. No jury is involved. The court will examine all the evidence and reach a verdict, which it will mail to you. In the event you do not like the outcome, you can then request a Trial De Novo, which gives you a second chance to fight the fine within a courtroom.

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No matter how you want to proceed, you will need a traffic ticket attorney in your corner. Contact a reliable traffic ticket lawyers near you shortly after receiving the ticket so that you can start reviewing the next steps to take.