The United Kingdom is the biggest gambling market in Europe and one of the most important worldwide. It is a place where local punters can bet securely and that is largely the merit of the UK GC. The Gambling Commission diligently works towards creating and maintaining a secure gaming environment for British punters. Many international brands chose to apply for a license issued by this regulator, because of the prestige that it carries. UK authorities are clearly focused on regulating the industry rather than banning online gambling, yet some of its elements have come in their crosshairs.

Gambling advertising under scrutiny

Online gambling is a huge industry in the UK and an important source of income for state coffers. Maintaining a secure environment and taxing the casinos and bookmakers providing games to local players is currently the objective of British authorities. An outright ban on gambling would deprive the government from an important source of revenue, so there’s no reason to expect something as radical.

Meanwhile, the authorities are paying closer attention to how the gambling industry chooses to advertise its services. TV gambling ads are an effective tool to promote sports betting and casino games to a broad audience. It is very common to see popular Ads for PlayUK online roulette games and other online casino’s during live sporting events. The regulators are worried that these campaigns can have a negative effect on younger individuals, especially those who don’t have the legal age for gambling. Anyone watching the matches during which the ads are displayed will be exposed to gambling content, which is undesirable.

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There are certain gambling advertising limitations in place to prevent bookmakers and casinos from targeting the vulnerable audience. However, the lawmakers are not happy with their efficiency and some contemplate the possibility of a blanket ban. Many bookmakers have agreed to limit these ads and even remove them altogether, but it is uncertain if things will stop here. There’s a lot of pressure from certain lawmakers and a certain degree of public support, so a gambling advertising ban can’t be ruled out.

The UK GC to enforce stricter licensing standards

United Kingdom Gambling Commission is already known for never compromising when awarding licenses to bookmakers and casinos. The regulator doesn’t hesitate to fine those who don’t play by the rules and has taken drastic actions against delinquents, in the past. The licensing process is strict and those who want to apply for a license need to meet a set of criteria. They are awarded for a few years, but now the UK GC contemplates a reevaluation of casinos and bookmakers that are currently licensed.

As the set of rules changes and new laws are passed by lawmakers, the Commission found it worthwhile to take a closer look at licensed bookmakers. This indicates the desire to maintain the standards at the same high level and even and new constraints for gambling operators aspiring for a license. Having said this, the risks of the UK banning online gambling altogether are slim to none. The system in place is so effective, that the authorities can address the side effects of gambling without banning it outright.

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