When it comes to buying a new car, there are many things to consider before coming to a decision. 3 door or 5 door? Petrol or diesel – or even electric? New or used? Big or small? Of course, these factors all depend on each individual’s specific needs. However, if you’re leaning towards buying a smaller model that can safely get you from A to B, you’ve come to the right place – because we’re here to tell you why choosing a smaller car will benefit you.


If you live in a busy city, you’re going to need to be able to weave yourself in and out of traffic when necessary. Doing this in a smaller car is going to be a lot easier than a big 4×4!


If you live alone or don’t have family that need to be dropped off or picked up often, you don’t need the extra space. Instead, enjoy a car that is truly yours – and that includes what to listen to on the radio.


Live in a built-up area that possesses a lot of tight parking spaces? Or simply couldn’t think of anything worse thanparallel parking an SUV? With a smaller car, you won’t need to fear squeezing into that spot. It’s going to be so much easierto pull in wherever you need – not to mention navigating your way through multi-storey car parks.


By owning a smaller car, you may find that insurance rates can be less, as insurance companies often take engine size into account when they are costing their quotes.


Due to its size, a smaller car is going to be easier to manoeuvre, so when it comes to accelerating quickly, taking short turns or hugging corners, you may feel that you have more control over a modest model.

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Ultimately, when it comes to making your investment, you are going to need to prioritise something that you can afford. Not only are smaller cars cheaper to run, but you will save money on the likes of your tax, too. 

If these reasons have all helped you to make your decision, why not start shopping for a car from the likes of Peter Vardynow, where you could pick yourself up a gorgeous new Mini?