Buying a new laptop is an investment and I’m willing to bet you want to get a good deal without compromising on quality. Whether this is the first time you’re buying a laptop, one you’re getting as an upgrade from your current machine, or a second laptop you’re looking to buy to help be more productive working from home, there are a few simple ways to get a good deal on a new computer this year. Here are my 4 tips for finding a great deal on a laptop in 2021:

1. Avoid the Retail Stores
Retail stores have big overheads – from the physical space, the light bill, and right down to the staff they have in them. Guess who covers that cost? You, the buyer. Prices will be generally much higher than you can find online, which means you’ll be spending more for the same quality. Not only can you find deals for computers easily online, but it’s so much easier to compare specs, models, and prices from your phone or computer screen, than trying to compare them in store.

2. Decide on What’s Essential to You
Get really clear about what are your essential features of your new laptop, and what are things you’d like but are optional. If you’re on a strict budget, it may not be possible to have everything you want without increasing your spend. By being clear about what you really need, it will make it easier for you to find a great deal that includes the most important features that you’re looking for.

3. Wait for a Sale Period
There are times of the year that we all know where stores (online and physical) ramp up their sale game. If you’re able to wait for a few months until the next time that happens, you’ll be probably able to get yourself an even better deal. Of course cyber Monday and Black Friday are some great times to get deals, but often there are some excellent sales after Christmas, during the New Year, and even for Easter.

4. Consider an Older Model
Like cars, each year new models of laptops and computers are released, which then pushes the price of the previous year model down as they’re less new – even though they’re still brand new. This can be a great opportunity to buy a brand new laptop or computer at a discounted price. As long as the computer meets your specification needs, this is a great way to save a lot of money while upgrading your computer. There’s also the option to purchase refurbished, which is a previously used computer that’s been updated with new pieces to make it as good as new. These computers often come with extended warranties, so you have the peace of mind that if something goes wrong, it will be covered for repair.

Buying a new laptop is a great way to start the new year off on a good foot, allowing you to be extra productive and to enjoy a technology upgrade. Hopefully these tips help you score a great deal on your new computer.

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