Running a driving school certainly comes with its own set of challenges. Fortunately, though, those challenges are often outweighed by the fact that this is one of the most rewarding careers available today. Making certain your driving school is covered by a comprehensive insurance policy, though, is the key to help you achieve your career goals and your students achieve their driving goals. How do you find a policy that’s right for you? Compare quotes for driving school insurance, and look for these features.

  • Any Driver Cover: You want a policy that allows you to teach any licensed driver on the road. You want to make certain that the policy you select offers coverage irrespective of the previous driving experience of your pupils or other potential risk factors. It should also allow you to drive if it’s required.


  • Negligence Cover: Often your pupils can be a serious liability. Imagine, for a moment, that your pupil brings a claim against you because he or she suggests some negligence caused an injury. Claims like these can often be expensive to settle, and it could become a pretty serious hardship to your driving school. This type of insurance, though, will help pay for the costs of that claim should you be found liable. It will also typically protect any instructor insured on your policy.
  • Off Road Cover: Some driving schools instruct younger pupils off road. If you can demonstrate that the land on which you’re using the vehicle is not part of the Road Traffic Act of 1988, you can usually obtain this type of cover that will allow you to move forward and remain protected if your school offers this kind of service.
  • Cover for Hire & Reward: You will be carrying people for a fee in many cases, and that demands Hire and Reward insurance. In standard car insurance policies, you are not covered in the case of a claim if you’re involved in an accident during the course of your work. With this type of policy, though, you’re covered while carrying the client in your vehicle for driving tuition and for the driving test.
  • Comprehensive Driving Other Cars: If you have to carry out demonstration drives in your client’s vehicle, you will certainly want to invest in this type of coverage as well. If you are found to be without this type of cover, and you’re in an accident, you could not only be hit with a licence endorsement, but you could lose your driving school as well.
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As you search for driving school coverage, don’t be afraid to shop around a bit. You’ll not only find a better policy in the long run, but you may also find coverage that better meets your needs, and that could help to reduce the risks of being a driving school instructor while far enhancing the rewards. Compare those quotes, and help your pupils become safe drivers much faster than you ever thought possible with the right insurance coverage.