Covid-19 shook the world to its core and introduced us to a variety of different safety measures that have now become a new normal. One of these measures that can be frequently noticed in public areas is infrared thermometers. The most remarkable part about the device is that it does not require physical contact and can observe the body temperature accurately from a distance.

While we have recently observed the frequent use of this wonderful device known as the infrared thermometer, its industry has been on a flourishing spree. The market growth of the infrared thermometer industry is taking great leaps. This growth is expected to continue for years to come. 

What are infrared thermometers, and why are they important?

Infrared thermometers are temperature measuring devices that use a portion of thermal radiation to infer temperature. This radiation is sometimes referred to as black-body radiation. It is emitted by the objects whose temperature is being measured. These thermometers are also sometimes known as laser thermometers. They utilize a laser to aim at an object to measure its temperature from a distance.

An infrared thermometer detects the temperature of an object by knowing the amount of infrared energy that is emitted by an object. It also observes the object’s emissivity. The detected temperature is often determined within a range of the object’s actual temperature.

Infrared thermometers are known as ideal devices for measuring temperature from a distance. They observe relatively accurate measurements without making actual contact with the object. This unique quality of the infrared thermometer makes it a great option to measure temperature when it becomes impractical to insert a probe into an item to calculate its temperature. These thermometers also help measure objects that are fragile, dangerous, and susceptible, in motion, or out of reach. 

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Infrared thermometers detect temperature within fractions of seconds. They take considerably less time to calculate and process the temperature than mercury or digital thermometers that need contact. The speed and convenience of these devices make them an invaluable public safety tool that is actively used in the manufacturing industry, research and development labs, food industry, healthcare sector, and other industrial applications.

Industry expected to hit billions.

The infrared thermometer industry is expected to reach a market of billions in the upcoming years. This estimated growth has even been suggested in a market report by The report estimated that the global infrared thermometer market size will probably stretch to US $3.8 billion by 2026. 

What is the global demand for infrared thermometers?

The ability of infrared thermometers to take non-contact temperature measurements of objects is a crucial factor that accounts for its constantly increasing demands across various industries. Easy handling and smooth operations add to their features that attract popularity. Moreover, infrared technology has potential applications in numerous electronic devices like remote-controlled devices, sensors, and cameras. These applications are the reason why infrared temperature monitoring systems are highly getting adopted in different industries.

New factories are recommended to install infrared-based temperature measuring devices due to the need to maintain the proper temperatures of raw materials. According to Dickson, temperature control is a vital necessity, from manufacturing to end-line production of food and beverage items, cosmetic products, and pharmaceuticals. Data loggers are devices that are widely used to record and monitor temperature-related data for these industries. 

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Another frequently observed use of Infrared thermometers is seen in public spaces like malls, airports, and cafes. These thermometers are proficient in measuring thermal radiation emitted from the forehead and ear of an individual. The device processes and calculates these radiations to estimate body temperature. 

Depending on the type of infrared thermometers and technology, the market is segmented into two parts –  fixed infrared thermometers and portable infrared thermometers. Portable infrared thermometers dominate the global infrared thermometer market. By 2019 this market witnessed growth at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 6.8%, and from 2020 to 2026, the development is expected to escalate by a CAGR of 7.9%.

What is application use, and how could it vary by region?

The application uses of infrared thermometers depend upon the industry of utilization. The primary benefit of the device is to measure the temperature of a subject or object from a distance. The device is beneficial in situations when it becomes practically challenging or impossible to reach an object to record temperatures.

The thermometer comes in handy for purposes like measuring the temperature of air conditioning units that are not easily reachable. The infrared thermometers are also useful in monitoring the engine cooling systems and electrical systems that have limited access.

Firefighters use Infrared thermometers to detect hotspots in dangerous fires. The device assists them with accurate results without risking their safety. It also helps with monitoring industrial equipment like furnaces, boilers, and process pipes that have considerably high temperatures. The thermometers allow convenient temperature monitoring without direct contact.

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Moreover, a user can measure the temperatures of toxic and hazardous elements and areas with infrared thermometers. If the thermometer is held at an adequate distance, the user will be able to obtain a relatively accurate reading without disturbing the area.

As these devices are highly responsive, they are the perfect choice for measuring objects that are in constant motion. They can register temperature differences in moving objects without letting the speed skew with their processing and final results. Conveyor belts’ temperature measurement was a challenging job in the past, but with infrared thermometers, it’s just a matter of seconds.

With COVID-19 being around, infrared thermometers are heavily used to measure the body temperatures of people from a distance at various points of entry in hospitals, movie theatres, malls, hotels, and many such public places. 

The diverse uses of infrared thermometers are in accordance with the high demands for adequate temperature measuring devices. These devices fulfill the need for convenience and provide a viable and user-friendly solution to consumers’ needs. The market growth of infrared thermometers is directly proportional to this growth in demand and is expected to rise on a global scale.