How much do you think the average electric bill in America is? If you guessed $115 a month, you would be correct!

Yes, Americans spend more than $100 each month to keep the lights on and their homes comfortable. In 2020 and 2021, those figures are expected to increase as more people spend time at home.

A high electric bill and added financial strain from the pandemic leaves you looking for ways to save on electricity. There are ways to cut down on your electric bill without compromising on your comfort. Even if you have a commercial space, you can compare business electricity rates and find the best rates to save money.

Read on to learn what they are.

1. Find Energy Leaks

Do you know if your home is leaking energy? Your first step is to do an energy audit and find out if your windows and doors are causing air to escape.

These leaks make your air conditioner and heater work much harder to get your home to a comfortable temperature. Plugging those leaks will make a huge difference in your electric bills.

2. Adopt Different Kitchen Habits

Your kitchen habits have a lot to do with your electric bill, especially if you have an electric stove and a dishwasher.

You can cut down on electricity by hand washing dishes and using tools like slow cookers and pressure cookers. They’re convenient and cut down on electricity bills.

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3. Install a Better Thermostat

Your home’s HVAC unit might be struggling because you have an old thermostat. You can have a new thermostat installed that does a much better job regulating temperature.

Will this cost a lot of money? Not necessarily. Your electric company may have special deals to install a new thermostat.

Speaking of your HVAC unit, you should make sure you have it maintained regularly to improve efficiency.

4. Invest in the Future

Solar energy is a hot topic right now as homeowners are looking for ways to save on electricity. A lot of homeowners think that solar panels cost as much as they did 10 – 15 years ago.

You might be more willing to make this investment when you realize how much solar panels really cost. It’s a lot more affordable and when you add in grants and tax credits, you’ll start looking for solar companies to get the job done.

5. Beware of Phantom Energy

Phantom energy consists of energy loads of devices that are plugged in and not in use. Things like your TV, computers, and phone chargers can consume electricity when not powered on.

The best way around that is to get surge protectors that you can turn on and turn off and easily unplug. This will save you from getting aggravated when you have to plug and unplug every device in your home.

Creative Ways to Save on Electricity

A little savings can add up over a long period of time. That’s why you want to find ways to save on electricity. Not only that, but you’re making a difference to fight climate change, too.

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You need to live your life, but you can find small or big ways to lower electricity costs. The items listed here are going to dramatically cut down on your electric bill.

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