The Marvel’s Avengers beta is almost here, and the developers behind the game have shared new details about what it will let you play. Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix have revealed that the upcoming beta for Marvel’s Avengers will feature a total of three full singleplayer missions. Despite some early criticism aimed at the seemingly poor character models for certain characters, the game has become one of the most highly anticipated releases of the year. Marvel’s Avengers takes place outside of the Marvel Cinematic Universe following an alternate storyline to the recent movies. Players will take control of various heroes that have been forced to reassemble five years after a tragic event that ended in the destruction of much of San Francisco. During the main story, villains such as Taskmaster, MODOK, and the mysterious organization A.I.M. will oppose the Avengers. And when you are done trying the beta version you can chill out by playing some online Blackjack.

Since Marvel’s Avengers was first revealed in 2017 fans have been excited to be able to play as their favourite superheroes from the Marvel universe. The beta will be the first opportunity to play the game when it becomes available in August for several weeks, with the final game set to launch on September 4, 2020. This is more than three months later than originally intended, as publisher Square Enix pushed back the release to allow Crystal Dynamics to apply more polish. Fortunately, those who buy the game on PS4 or Xbox One will also be able to upgrade to next-gen versions for free later in the year.

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How Marvel’s Avengers Microtransactions Work

  • Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix detailed the content included in the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers beta in a live stream on youtube. Perhaps the most important revelation was that there will be three single-player missions for players to tackle. 
  • Thanks to these single-player missions, and a selection of co-op tasks, users can experience playing as at least four different heroes, including Iron Man and Black Widow.

Although it might be unusual for a beta to contain so much content, it is certainly a welcome move. Players will be able to get a good idea of the different types of gameplay and how the various superheroes work. The fact that Square Enix is also opening the beta up to everyone will allow those who are undecided to try out a significant portion of the experience first before deciding whether to buy Marvel’s Avengers. That could work to convince potential customers and boost sales, that is if the beta turns out to be a success.

The beta content

Once you get into the beta, you will be able to try out a broad selection of the game’s missions and modes. You’ll start with the initial Golden Gate Bridge demo, which introduces how a variety of heroes play and leads up to the “A-Day” disaster, kicking off this particular Marvel universe’s main plot. The first mission will be the opening prologue level at the Golden Gate Bridge, while two other missions are available from the War Table after this. Featuring Hulk and Ms Marvel, players will have to travel to the Pacific Northwest and Russia. One of the two levels will also include a boss fight with the villain Abomination. 

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On top of the single-player Hero Missions, you will be able to unlock a sampling of stages that are playable in multiplayer (or with an AI-controlled team, if you prefer). Here’s a quick breakdown of the Marvel’s Avengers beta stages, each of which can be played with Iron Man, Ms Marvel, Black Widow, and the Hulk.

HARM Rooms: Three wave-based training room exercises that start easy and get very hard. If you complete all the HARM rooms in the beta, you’ll be rewarded with a special nameplate that carries over into the full game – as well as a special Hulk Smashers Pickaxe to use in Fortnite (no, really).

War Zones: Five full-length multiplayer-centric missions that send you around the world to take down big threats as part of a team. You can also discover points of interest with puzzles to solve and gear (as well as unlockable comics) to collect.

Drop Zones: Smaller, faster counterparts to War Zones that send you straight into action for one big encounter.

Whatever modes you play, you will unlock new gear for your heroes and level them up. Each hero will only have the first of their three full skill sheets unlocked for the beta, but that should still give you plenty to explore.

What next?

Because this is a beta, it is important to note that the progression scaling you feel in the beta is not representative of the final game. More loot will be in the beta than will drop in the final game and experience is earned at a faster rate as well. All of this is to say that you will level up and acquire gear much more rapidly than you will in the final game come September.

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