People who don’t know how to code often assume it’s a hard thing to do. People who do know how to code realize it’s not hard at all – but it’s often complicated. Luckily, it can be made simpler when you learn about code conversions.

This is true no matter the type of programming project you’re trying to accomplish, from simple coding works for WordPress to bigger projects: you will always find code conversion tools that can make things simpler for you; anything from a simple c pdf generator that will convert html to pdf c, to a full blown conversion script that can move your entire database to a different CMS.

In case you’re looking to improve your workflow and save time and energy, start by checking the following list for online tools that will help you start breezing through your projects like a champion:

1. Convert C# to Java

If you have ever had to move a project from C# to Java you know it can be a particularly daunting task, since it is usually very boring and time-consuming. Fortunately, we now have tools that convert code automatically, and with very impressive effectiveness rates. The output won’t always be flawless, but you will usually find it much faster to fix it as opposed to converting all the code manually from scratch. You can convert thousands of lines within a minute, which essentially saves you from doing the grunt work.

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2. Cart2Cart (shopping cart migration)

Another common task that is known to cause chronic headaches for developers around the world is migrating a shopping cart service to a different e-commerce platform. In older times, this usually involved diving deep into documentation hell to figure out the best way to accurately convert all product categories, reviews and everything else in the existing database. Now, you can instead rely on the leading service from Cart2cart that will not only get the job done within hours but also ensure you won’t have any data loss issues.

Life has never been easier for programmers, especially those who are familiar with these tools!

3. Convert Word to HTML

Word is a wonderful tool for creating written content, but we all know it doesn’t play as well as it should with HTML editors. Anyone who has tried to convert a text that includes formatted HTML code knows how it can be frustrating to try to get the content to display correctly. Fortunately, you can now simply reach out to an effective script like this one, that instantly fixes all markup issues and stylistic problems without you having to break a sweat.

4. IronPDF

What if there was an easier way to generate PDF documents programmatically from different web-based code sources, ranging all the way from CSS to Javascript and HTML? What if you could simply install a program that will be able to both read from PDF files as well as exporting to this format? That’s exactly what you can do with the IronPDF generator that is now a favorite tool for website developers all around the world. With IronPDF, you can attain PDF printing without the need for Adobe

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5. PSD to Web

Another common issue that you may face if you are involved in website design is to export content from PSD files in order to make them compatible with your web assets. This typically involves converting your files to a different format, which can be tiresome and time-consuming. A better solution would be to simply get a tool like this one that allows you to display PDF files natively as HTML elements, without any need for time-consuming manual adjustments. While you still need a working copy of Photoshop, this script will do all the PSD to HTML conversion work automatically for you.


Have you been putting off changing your website to a different CMS because you’re worried the conversion process will set you back for weeks? Then you’ll be pleased to learn about this web service that can convert entire databases between the most popular CMS out there, with excellent speed and reliability. If it sounds too good to be true, make sure to check the conversion examples and demo tools available in the official website and you’ll have a chance to see this powerful tool in action.