Mac has millions of users across the globe, and they wouldn’t trade their device for any other. These devices are revered for their sleek design, premium looks, and robust MacOs. Moreover, they just get better over time because Apple offers new operating system releases regularly. Even as Macs are more expensive than PCs, they end up holding their value better because of the ability to stand the test of time. Whether you plan to sell your device or just want to keep track of its current value, you need to understand the basics of determining its fair price. Here are the factors that can help you calculate it accurately.

Original configuration

First things first, the original configuration of the device goes a long way in deciding the current price. A Macbook Pro will obviously fetch a higher price than a Macbook. But everything boils down to the configuration and release date. For example, two Macbook Pro models were released in 2015. The early models had an Intel i5 dual-core processor, while the mid-year models had Intel i5 quad-core processors. There is a significant difference in computing power, so the mid-year version would cost more on any day.

Operational condition

Even the newest models cannot get you a good price of it isn’t in proper condition. Conversely, you can expect to get a better value if your Mac is fully operational. Upgrading it to the latest version is a good idea. The best part is that you can do it without much work, just read more to upgrade to Big Sur. Other aspects of assessment of the device’s condition include its screen and hardware, battery power, connectivity, and performance. As long as things are good on these fronts, you can rest assured about getting a fair value.

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Warranty period

High-value gadgets can be costly to repair if a problem arises at any point. No matter how small the issue is, it may end up burning a hole in your pocket. But you need not worry much if the gadget is under warranty because it acts as a layer of security which lets you get repairs at a reduced cost. A Mac with warranty coverage gets a higher price for the obvious reasons. While repairs come within budget, you also get the parts and labor from Apple.

Determining a fair price for your Mac

When it comes to determining a fair price for your Mac, you cannot consider any of these factors without the others. The situation is unique for every device as an old device may be in great condition and command a high value. On the other hand, a relatively new model may get you lower value if the system hardware is in a bad shape or there are speed or memory issues. 

Macs are sturdy machines that last for years, provided that you give them good care and maintenance. You can also expect a good resale value anytime you want to upgrade to a new device. However, make sure that you are aware of the fair price before you get serious about resale.