In the modern world, it’s possible to make a living from your computer, without ever having to go to “work.” But don’t be fooled, it can be arduous work! Making money from your MacBook requires dedication, courage, and some self-belief but the resulting freedom can be liberating. The first step to making money from home is finding an avenue in which to apply your talents. Are you a good writer? Perhaps you can draw well? Fantastic! Your skills can be monetized.

Getting started.

To make money from your computer, first, you will need a computer. Choosing a computer is relatively easy; you will need to identify your skillset and choose accordingly. If you are a budding writer, a comfortable keyboard will be of top priority. Likewise, if you have dreams of producing music, a computer with a fast CPU and RAM is vital.

Apples MacBook air is a popular choice for writers and those who frequent coffee shops. Combining Apple’s trademark build quality and a keyboard that is loved by typists everywhere, these MacBook’s are a staple of university students and travel writers. For those who need more power, the MacBook Pro offers a stylish and compact machine that should handle most computing tasks with ease.

What next?

With a laptop in hand, now you are equipped to start making money from wherever you choose. There are many avenues in which to do so, again; this will depend on your talents and skills. For writers, there are countless opportunities to hone your craft and kick start your career. Becoming a blogger or freelance writer is an accessible way into the world of professional writing.

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Content writers enjoy a consistent and varied stream of jobs, and getting into this industry requires a gift for writing and persistence. Websites like UpWork offer job boards and aim to connect writers with jobs. Creating a blog can be a very lucrative way of making a living from your computer and allows you to share your personality and interests with people all around the world.

Big dreams.

If words aren’t your thing, don’t fret! There are still many ways to make a living from your computer. Design skills are very much in demand, and freelance artists can make a good living of picking up jobs as they are created. Websites like offer a crowdsourcing service that connects artists and designers like you, with people who will pay real money.

Some pitfalls.

While not having to go to work can seem like a dream, it’s easy to get de-motivated and distracted while working from home. The novelty of being at home can quickly wear off, and it requires the self-discipline to keep focused and on track. Treat this as any other job and dedicate the necessary time into it, and you will avoid a lot of problems later on.

Keep in mind that there are hidden costs associated with working creatively from your computer. Services like Microsoft office can be purchased outright or monthly via a subscription service. Similarly, for designers and artists, Adobes creative suite is the benchmark for design program packages, but its costly and can quickly eat away your funds, so keep vigilant.

Making money from your MacBook doesn’t mean selling it on eBay. It means honing your skills, nurturing your talent, and believing in yourself and your abilities. There will be days that you will doubt your decision to go your own way; this is normal as you break free from the safe but restrictive blanket of “regular” employment. Keep practicing, keep learning, and above all, keep positive. If you want it bad enough, it will happen for you.

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