If you’re an athlete, you know how hard it is to get into shape. It takes discipline and dedication to put in the effort needed to reach those fitness goals. But if you’re serious about reaching your fitness goals, you must be prepared to use tools and gadgets to support you along the way. Here are 3 devices every athlete should own.

man in black shorts and black shoes holding green and white skateboard

The Fitbit Alta HR

If you want to track your heart rate throughout the day while also helping you stay motivated while you playing best online casino games, then the Fitbit Alta HR is an excellent choice. The device tracks your steps, sleep, distance travelled, calories burned, and even your resting heart rate. It has a sleek design and comes in blue, white, pink or rose gold. It can store up to 5 months of data for you and syncs with other Fitbits and Apple Watches so you can see trends in your data as well.

GPS Watch

For athletes who want to stay on top of their game, nothing beats having a GPS watch that keeps tabs on your activities like speed, pace, elevation climbed and calories burned. This device will tell you when there’s an improvement in your performance which helps you push yourself further. Some of these watches are able to connect with best real money casinos nz apps, allowing you to measure intensity and time intervals with accuracy.  These watches have been used by elite athletes all over the world including Michael Phelps, Roger Federer, Usain Bolt, Serena Williams and many more.

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Heart Rate Monitor

To make sure you’re getting enough oxygen to perform at your best, you need to monitor your resting heart rate. Wrist-based monitors tend to work better because they don’t interrupt workout routines with battery drain but you need to pay close attention to what works best for you. Some models offer Bluetooth connectivity to transfer heart rates wirelessly to your phone or computer. Others come with a chest strap to keep you connected to your heartbeat during workouts.