We live in a digital era when you can play online games anytime and anywhere. The online gaming market is rapidly growing, so is the demand for seamless gaming experience. Gamers today are more aware of what they can expect from their chosen platform and infrastructure. Providing a secure and reliable merchant account enables you to get the most for your business. There are online platforms that offer various choices of gaming experience. Microsoft estimates over two billion active gamers that play everything from hi-tech computer games to casino and slots games. From the appealing and interactive story of DOTA, to the attractive design of Candy Crush Saga and this curious Eye of Horus game – preferences and choices are virtually endless. 

According to data research and analysis, this market is expected to grow up to $190 billion by 2022. Since people of different ages and demographics play games online, the global community is massive. With the development of smartphones there is a huge interest in mobile games, which gives the gaming companies a chance to attract a larger number of prospects.

The main platform advantage that attracts players is the smooth gaming experience. This also includes the process of payment and money withdrawal. What you need to implement here is a seamless and fair payment gateway for online gaming.

User Experience (UX) is a top priority

Fast performance is important for gamers, even when it comes to payment methods. Online merchants need to create a user interface that will help users to immerse in the action that happens on screen. So, what can you do to provide a superior UX?

Think about a situation when a game is interrupted by a long and complicated payment process. How do you think this will affect the overall playing experience? Gamers expect 100% uptime during the game. The steps before purchasing items or power-ups should be reduced to a minimum. There shouldn’t be unnecessary redirections, distractions or glitches. The platforms should enable a smooth experience without having to pause the game.

Make sure the payment getaway you would like to work with delivers top usability, giving you the competitive edge and seriousness. Also, look for cloud-based solutions that offer automated failover systems and scalable infrastructure that handles surges. This will ensure that your game is available even during poor loading times. 

Cybersecurity in gaming

We value our privacy online, so besides the experience, we pay attention to the data security. One survey shows that online gamers are concerned about their online security. More than half of them would stop making purchases or playing games on a website affected by a security breach. 

Any data that is not securely stored or well encrypted can be accessed by hackers. For most engaged gamers, their accomplishments and virtual assets present a testament to their dedication and skills. According to this, a third of the total paying gamers are less likely to spend money within a game because of a potential fraud. 

Secure Payment Gateway for online gaming 

The token reduces the risk of security breaches without affecting the gaming experience. What you need is a payment platform that employs AI multilevel security. This technology creates dynamic rules that adjust to the profile of the industry. Have in mind that with a reliable payment platform you don’t have to think about complying with PCI requirements. 

Descent online gaming merchant account will let you handle both payments and local regulatory challenges. Before you make a decision, make sure the account provider accepts all major card suppliers. Also, make sure your merchant account is reliable and is not having a history of frequent downtimes. 

A report from Newzoo finds that nearly 50% of gamers believe that payment process in games should be improved, while 32% of gamers in UK reported an issue because of a slow process. 

Selling Challenges to a global audience 

While looking for an online merchant account and a payment provider that will let you accept international payments, consider things such as: 

  • Checkout – whether it can be translated to different languages 
  • The number of currencies you can accept 
  • Global card acquiring 

Gamers who can pay in their preferred currency without interruptions or redirections are more likely to make purchases. Responding to your customers’ needs is what shapes the overall experience and builds long-lasting relations.