Richard Liu is the brains behind The e-commerce giant that he built through hard work, motivation, and belief in the potential of E-commerce way before the world moved to digital sales. He began his business in brick-and-mortar but later his company online, naming it 360Buy Jingdong. Initially, the company dealt with the same products as those in the brick-and-mortar. His customer-oriented network and well-organized shipping opened doors for opportunities to supply additional products. This success led to the creation of

JingDong’s Automated Homes

As of 2018, the smart home industry in China was evaluated at 7 billion US dollars, and the numbers are expected to increase Five times by 2025. The increasing demand for security will also see the sale of smart home devices increased from 4.6% in 2019 to 13.75 in 2023. The purchase of smart curtains on has already expanded 22 times while smart locks by 62 times. Real estate companies in China are taking up automated homes as a means of adding value to their houses. However, JD smart homes stand out because they focus on both residential complexes as well as individual households.

JD smart home partnerships

JD internet of things (IoT) is set to provide IoT solutions and strategies for digital homes and properties across 30 China cities. This comes after the company partnered with 20 real estate firms. Tianrun Real estate installed JD smart home solutions at the FOCH community on Tianrun Avenue, Beijing. Homes in this community can now use elevators and lights that are activated upon arrival, air conditioning that is turned on before the owners get home. They are also equipped with air humidifying and conditioning, which changes according to the current climate.

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Caifu building, located in Changsha, also utilizes JD devices to supply a consolidated hardware and software system to their homes. This includes digital devices like automated elevators and parking, management applications issued to owners of the houses, smart parking payments, and digital access. JD IoT serves 25 million homes currently and provides the most all-around ecosystem; hence, owners can enjoy safe, convenient, and cutting edge living conditions.

Benefits Of Home Automation

The age of automatic living provides a couple of exciting features. Property owners can monitor their security systems from any location, get to a fresh and ambient home, thanks to automatic air conditioning. You also do not have to rush to get to elevators; the elevators will wait for you and use facial recognition to access your building. You can also issue temporary QR codes to your visitors. This limits unauthorized access hence improving security.

JD Online Shopping

By using offline retail establishments like Walmart, to make deliveries, Richard Liu’s company is slashing the delivery time to about 30 minutes. The strategy aims at improving the efficiency of supply by eliminating unnecessary procedures, minimizing costs, creating convenience for customers, and enhance their customer satisfaction.

The new strategy makes deliveries via offline means using an algorithm that determines the proximity of the company’s warehouses and offline stores. In case the store is close to the consumer, the system will request the store to make the delivery. The offline establishments used include brick-and-mortar stores of notable brands, supermarkets, convenience stores, and Dada-JD Daojia.

At the moment, the initiative deals with products like wine, flour, non-alcoholic drinks, and beer. Twenty thousand offline stores spread over 54 cities are currently part of the program. Walmart’s involvement began in 2016 in 175 of its stores. The company aims at securing partnerships with more global leaders, a move that will benefit the globalization of e-commerce. Richard Liu will continue to lead the company to new heights. Expansion across Southern Asia countries is inevitable.

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