One thing many of us don’t think about as we age is how much wear and tear, we put on our joints going up and down stairs. Stairs are a high impact workout for your body that can really give some people trouble, especially if they were active runners as young people. A residential elevator is designed to help with mobility, but it can be so much more for many people.

Pain Relief

Anyone who experiences significant joint pain when walking can tell you how much worse that pain is when confronted with a flight of stairs. If you avoid going up or down stairs frequently because of the pain it can cause in your joints, then a residential elevator might be a good fit. Conversely, if you’ve noticed your mom or dad avoiding going upstairs, you might ask if they are experiencing any pain. If so, a residential elevator can help alleviate this by providing a smooth transfer from the first floor and beyond.

Maintain Independence

Decreased mobility is often the first sign children look for in their parents to determine if they need living assistance. That’s especially true for older individuals who live in multiple-story houses. A residential elevator can help aging parents maintain their independence longer by removing stairs from the equation. Most falling accidents happen around stairs, but hydraulic and pneumatic vacuum home elevators can prevent those falls. These elevators provide a smooth ride to the next floor with an exact edge for easy departure and loading. This is ideal for anyone who uses a wheelchair as a means of transportation, too.

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A Home Remodel

Depending on the type of elevator you want installed in your home, it may come as part of a larger remodeling job. Adding an elevator to your home can be considered a form of future proofing the home. Plus, home elevators add value to the home for future earnings potential when selling the home. When installing a home elevator during a remodel, you completely change the way you interact with your house. Soon using the elevator becomes a natural thing and you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it being there.

Get Your Time Back

Think of all the time you’ve spent in your life going up and down the stairs in your house. Does your house have a basement? Is the laundry room down there? Think of all the time you’d save if you had a short ride down to the basement for laundry and back up to the bedrooms. Elevators are an ultimate time saver for anyone who lives in a multiple-story home. Traveling stairs safely requires time and that time increases as we age. The time consumed by an elevator ride stays the same no matter how old you are, which is a net gain for anyone who is busy.

Fewer Health Problems

As we age, our bodies take more damage from high impact activities. Installing an elevator in your home means you don’t have to worry about exhausting yourself on a set of stairs every single day.  You may actually find that it helps with fewer health problems long term.