First time home buyers are saddled with a unique challenge, which has been exasperated by the spread of COVID-19. Moving out of a rental and into your own home can be liberating, but along with the newfound freedom of your own space that you enjoy complete control over, there are also some responsibilities that must be taken seriously. Taking care of your purchase must be made the top priority, in order to really enjoy that new home that you have worked so hard to buy for you and your family members.

Think about exterior fixes first for a more secure home.

Homebuyers often obsess over the state of the interior space. Everyone loves a fantastic kitchen or a luxurious living room, but we often neglect the all-important outdoor spaces of the home which make these upgrades possible. Exterior improvements and maintenance give families all across the United States the peace of mind that they need, in order to make their home a great place to live.

The roof of your home is a great place to start. Your roof is designed to last around 20 years, but can prove to be more durable, and last longer with good upkeep and a little luck. After this, you will need to replace it in order to keep the elements out. Depending on the climate of where you live, you may be dealing with incredible amounts of rain or snow, or have to fend off high winds all year round. Hiring an Upper Saint Clair roofer to replace a worn out roof is the best way to combat the elements for the long term. The longer you leave it for roof repair, or to get a new roof entirely, then the more damage you should expect to see. The issues start in the attic of course–the space where you store most of your seasonal belongings and maybe even your important documents–and continue to worsen until they leak into your living spaces.

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Roofing issues are like a ticking time bomb. The older and weaker your roof gets, then the more likely you are to see a snowstorm or thunderstorm simply rain down into your living space, rather than gradually erode the structure. Making a call today to a roof services company, and getting ahead of an individual shingle or whole roof replacement is the best and only way to take care of this potential hazard.

Shoring up your other weak points is also essential and another high priority upgrade is in the windows. A Traverse City window company can give you a free estimate on all types of replacement windows, from the basics to double glazed, and even highly shatter-resistant glasses that can stand up to the worst weather that your region can throw at you. New windows look great and can protect you from inclement weather, but they also save you on your energy bill over the long term. Old windows are a major source of heat loss as the energy is transferred out of the home through the glass. With new windows, you’ll get a reliable seal and solid glass that can stand up to the temperatures and weather on the exterior side, in a way that old or aging windows simply can’t. If you have the opposite issue with high humidity, then there are windows available that will ensure that ventilation is not a problem, and provide a cool environment without reaching for the air con. Plus, new windows come with easily engaged locks that you can rely on for home safety during the night or whilst you are away on vacation, once Coronavirus is out of the picture. As windows age, their mechanisms begin to whittle down as well, meaning your home may be losing its security efficiency as the old windows continue to wear. Replacement mechanisms or having secure quality windows will not only provide peace of mind, but will keep you safe.

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Finally, focusing on the garden spaces can provide a fantastic opportunity for your family members to work together and create a wonderful outdoor space, in which to enjoy the summer months. Resodding the lawn, planting new hedges or trees in the yard, and building patio space to soak in the summer air are all family friendly activities that can be used to get everyone involved in some way. Children of all ages love helping to lay down mulch and the memories you make with this valuable home improvement project in order to create a personalized space in your new city will last a lifetime.

Tackle interior changes to truly make your mark.

When you move into your first home you will likely see every space as an opportunity to recreate the room in your image. This is natural, and you should nurture this renovating spirit.

One place that everyone agrees on updating is the kitchen. Kitchens form the heart of any home and are typically located prominently or even centrally in the house. Because of its importance spatially, as well as in informing your overall lifestyle experiences in your home, making the kitchen your own is an important part of creating amazing experiences for the years to come. Many homeowners focus on the counters and cooking spaces. For your perfect kitchen, you will want to think about the types of foods you typically serve to your family. If you are a big oven user, then a built-in unit, raised up from ground level might be an important inclusion. Alternatively, if you are a ‘from scratch’ cooker, then an island with plenty of space for chopping, bowls for combining ingredients, and a trough sink to get the used dishes out of the way might be the path forward instead.

However you use the space; granite or marble countertops, large light colored tiles, and ornate cabinets are a timeless addition to any kitchen. They will give you a sense of luxury while you are cooking and are a great way to inflate the resell value later on down the road. Your local Venterra realtor will be the first to tell you, countertops in particular are something that new homeowners should contemplate as a jumping off point when creating that dream kitchen. High quality stone will last a lifetime and is tough enough to resist even the slightest signs of wear and tear for years, if not decades.

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Bringing some of the feel of the outside atmosphere indoors, is another great way to improve upon the energy of your new space. Looking into house plant bundles can get you started on creating some additional garden space that exists within and around your living area. House plants add a splash of color to your home and is the best way to promote positivity and relaxation, something that is particularly important in today’s world.

Move in with a plan.

When you buy your first home, it’s easy to move in and build up the space around you. But this is actually a detriment to free-flowing creativity when designing the feel of your new home. Finding a storage unit in your new area is a simple, yet powerful way to help you organize your life as you piece together this new living space. As a first time homebuyer you have never had the freedom to significantly alter your living space, which often leads to an aversion to any alterations–large or small. But with this new freedom, you need to give yourself the latitude to create a whole new feel that suits your tastes and needs. A storage unit is a good idea to help create this space. You can even find car storage units near you to get the second car out of the way to make room in the garage for the boxes you want to work with over the first few days or weeks in your new home.

Taking the time to set up the home exactly to your liking will make your years in the space far more enjoyable. Give yourself that freedom to experiment with furniture, color, and room organization for a far more enjoyable and relaxing life.