Qualifying for a mortgage can be complex enough at the best of times, but what if you currently live and work outside the UK, earn a salary in a foreign currency and want to buy into the UK property market?

Whether you are looking to buy a home to use for personal reasons or take advantage of a potentially lucrative buy-to-let investment opportunity, who can qualify for a UK expat mortgage?

All Cases Considered

Applying for a mortgage as an expat is fairly similar to the process of applying for a conventional mortgage; at least, in the sense of similar criteria when establishing eligibility for these kinds of mortgages.

There will always be lenders and specific mortgage products that are exclusively available for those who actually reside in the UK, However if you are a UK citizen who for any given reason is living and working abroad, you still have every right to buy a property at home.

The primary concern for the lender will always be affordability. This is where things can get a little complex, as you will need to provide your chosen lender with formal and acceptable proof of income. Depending on where you live and what you do, your local tax filings and general accountancy documents may or may not be considered viable forms of financial evidence.

Major High Street banks have a tendency to be fairly selective when it comes to the forms of evidence they are willing to accept. Elsewhere, there is an extensive network of specialist lenders across the UK, which tends to be more flexible.

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This is something to look into before applying, as you may encounter issues.

The Question of Credit

The same issue may also be encountered where credit checks are concerned. Depending on how long you have been living and working outside the UK, you may have no established credit score at home whatsoever.

When applying for a mortgage, having no credit history can be just as big of an obstacle as having a poor credit score.

All this does not necessarily mean that inability to prove your creditworthiness will stand in your way. It may simply mean that you need to demonstrate your financial position and track your record to your chosen lender in other ways.

Independent Broker Support

For anyone interested in applying for a UK expat mortgage, nothing matters more than targeting the right lenders. It is worth remembering that with each declined application on the High Street, the likelihood of any subsequent application being accepted elsewhere decreases.

Consulting with an independent broker is therefore essential, in order to pair your requirements with an appropriate lender. Irrespective of how long you have been away from the UK and the kind of work you are in, you have every chance of qualifying for a mortgage if you are in a strong financial position and can comfortably afford both the deposit and the repayments.

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