The purpose of furnishing an office is the same regardless of whether you are decorating an office for numerous people or just for yourself – your workplace should be practical, inviting and creative. However, not everyone has a big budget when it comes to designing a home office and it can be difficult to create the perfect working space on a shoestring budget. However, there are a few simple tricks out there to help you create your own home office without breaking the bank.

Choose a theme

It is important to decorate your office in a way which will aid creativity and productivity. Not only must your space be decorated in a way that inspires you to push yourself but mirrors your own personal style. One of the main ways to achieve this is by choosing a theme and going with it. A great way to choose a theme is by picking a statement piece such as a chesterfield sofa or mini mod sofa to base your design around.


Future Proof

The average office environment is changing, so it’s important to plan ahead and choose a design you know you’ll ‘grow into’. Working in an outdated workspace with an obsolete design can quickly kill morale and limits your overall potential. Flooring should always be your first priority: floral carpets were replaced by laminate wood as designs moved on, and laminate wood will be replaced by commercial vinyl flooring within a few years.


Before you spend your hard-earned cash on new furniture, take a look around the other rooms in your house. You might have some furniture that could be put to some good use in your office. With a lick of paint, an old set of chest draws could be your new filing desk. If you can’t find anything in your own home, spread the word and see if any of your neighbours or friends have any unwanted furniture they wouldn’t mind donating to your office.

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Go mobile

Having a landline in addition to your mobile can be costly and unnecessary. If you are not comfortable using your own personal mobile phone for taking work calls, purchase a separate device for these calls. Why not phone calls a little more personal and speak to your clients/employers through skype?

Take it one step at a time

Although it can be tempting to buy everything you want for your office straight away. It’s important to take your time setting up your office, you don’t need everything at once. Make a list of everything you want and need and prioritise them in terms of importance.