Moving home is a huge undertaking and one which can take its toll physically and mentally. It can also be incredibly expensive if you are not careful which is not ideal when you have just made an enormous purchase by buying a home and you are likely going to have to do some spending to get the house how you want it. Fortunately, there are a few highly effective ways that you can keep the costs down while still making sure that the move is simple and straightforward.

Van Hire Vs Removals

First, you should decide whether it is best to hire a van yourself for the move or use a removals company. It can be much more affordable to hire a van yourself but keep in mind that this means that it is up to you to pack and unpack everything, so this is probably more suitable for those who have fewer possessions and less furniture or if you can get a few friends to help.

Sell What You Don’t Need

You could even make some money and make your move easier by selling any items that you no longer need. Moving house is an ideal opportunity to get rid of furniture, clothing and anything else which you no longer need and it can be easy to make some money by selling these items by listing them online.

Load Sensibly

It can be chaotic on moving day but it is important that you are organized and this will include loading up the van sensibly. Cardboard boxes are stackable and more space effective than bin bags or suitcases and are easy to carry on. Remember, depending on the distance of your move the number of trips you make can increase your petrol usage and cost so minimizing the number of trips you take through efficient stacking can help you be cost-effective, doubling this cost saving measure with an affordable van hire service such as those found at or others similar.

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DIY Decorating

Of course, when you move into a new home you will want to start decorating straight away so that you can put your identity on the house and make it somewhere that you feel comfortable. Many people will use professionals for this but often you will find that you can do this yourself and it will be much cheaper to do so. You can find easy-to-follow guides and videos online, and investing in tools like easy to use drills, will be useful down the line for any maintenance tasks that crop up. Along with this, some tasks are easy enough to complete as an amateur. Whilst plumbing and electrical work may require a professional, painting your new home and giving it a splash of colour can be a really enjoyable.

Moving home is an exciting time but it can also be stressful and expensive if you are not careful. These are all effective strategies for saving money when you make the big move while still making the process as simple and straightforward as possible.