When trying to purchase a house, many people almost always focus on the financial aspect of such projects. However, it is wiser to think of the time and effort of being a homeowner. As regular oil changes for your automobile ensure its engine is in tiptop condition, keeping up with regular home maintenance tasks can enable you to avoid future headaches, and more importantly, waste money. It may be daunting to reflect on these essential tasks, particularly when you are a new property owner. Fortunately, you can execute much of them all by yourself with commonplace household tools, even if you don’t have much experience. To be able to optimize your efficacy, and eventually do these tasks methodically, you will need to make a home maintenance schedule, in which you might jot down small, regular tasks to make sure you aren’t overwhelmed. 

Here are a few suggestions for tasks you could include in a monthly home maintenance checklist.

Inspect and if necessary, change HVAC filters

Generally speaking, most experts in these matters recommend changing HVAC filters on a monthly basis. For a small family, devoid of pets or allergies, you may change these filters every 2 to 3 months.

Should you find them dirty, change them, and inspect them in the following month.

Change kitchen sink disposal

There are a number of effective ways of cleaning kitchen sink disposals. Still, the handiest and perhaps the most all-round solution is to use vinegar ice cubes. Pour some vinegar into your ice tray, and allow it to freeze. When this is done, run the ice cubes through your disposal. The beauty of this method is it freshens the system and also sharpens its blades.

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Clean the range hood filters

If you have never done this before, you will be quite in a state once you filter out the hood and clean it for the first time. According to suggestions from the Family Handyman, you may use a simple degreaser from an auto parts store which you should then mix with water. Permit the filter to sit for a couple of moments, rinse it off and you are good to go.

Check for leaks around sinks and toilets

Should you discover signs of water where it ordinarily shouldn’t be, make sure you investigate the matter. Even a small leak might cost you hundreds of dollars in water bills. Also, you should run water and flush toilets in unused outlets in your home like guestrooms that are utilized infrequently. The rationale behind this home maintenance task is to avoid grime buildup.

Test garage door auto-reverse feature

In the early 1990s, federal legislation made it mandatory for all residential garage doors to possess this feature after a series of child fatalities. Ensure you test this feature of your garage door, at least once per month by putting a 2 x 4 on the floor where the door would shut. It ought to reverse once the door hits the wood. Additionally, test the doors photoelectric sensors if you have any fitted out.

Check for doors that stick out

Should you require a lot of force to open or close a door, something is definitely not right. When this takes place, the most common culprit is debris buildup on the doors track. It is simply to do away with this issue with the aid of a vacuum cleaner or scrubbing brush. However, in swinging doors, such a problem could be a great cause of concern as it can be a sign of your house’s foundation’s structural soundness is amiss. The moment you notice this challenge, Foundation Repair Plano can help you in inspecting your house’s foundation and prevent any future mishaps.

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