Yes, it doesn’t require expensive items to do home improvement. Sometimes, all it takes is a little ingenuity, creativity, and a few bucks. 

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Here are ten under $50 DIY home improvement tips:

  1. Install string lights to set up the mood. You can hang these lights over a patio, your backyard tree or your porch. Make your gathering spot at home cozier at night, especially during summer months when it is best to spend your evenings outdoors.
  1. Get rid of those eyesores in your yard. Aside from trimming your grass, or the branches on your plants that make them look out of shape, try putting some disguise over the other things that are found in your garden – the pipes, faucet, meter. You can simply cover them with decor or fake rocks if you aim for a more natural look.
  1. Ever thought of adding plants? You can provide your garden or front yard with additional accents by adding those greens and flowers. Or maybe put some succulents in your bathroom windows where the sun shines and there is a lot of humidity to give it more a feel of freshness. 
  1. Those front doors deserve new house numbers. You can customize and personalize your design on those markers. Let your design show your personality whether as an individual resident or that of your family in your front door – your daughter or your mom perhaps? Make it a part of your personalized last name wall signs.
  1. The shower curtain swap. Replace your old shower curtain with something that suits your style. You may be a chic who likes florals, the beach-like atmosphere, or a minimalist design perhaps? Your imagination is your limit. 
  1. Hardware update – on your kitchen cabinet. Be careful in removing the old parts as you want to avoid scratching the surface of your cabinet. Make sure to measure your cabinet dimensions before replacing its old parts. 
  1. Replace those outdoor lighting. Whether you want it to be a little posh or the traditional LED bulbs, you can buy a new set of outdoor lights that compliment your house’s elegance at night.
  1. Easy basket! Set up baskets for your pantry instead of the old plastic bins and containers. Not only are they cheap, but these woven baskets are biodegradable and durable too.
  1. Shut the newly painted front door! Paint it with any bright, welcoming front door color. You can see tips from online videos on how you can do the painting on your front door the right way. 
  1. Old couch? Old tricks. If you don’t have the budget yet to buy a new couch, you can simply brighten it up by adding fluffy pillows, and fresh blankets. 
  1. Curtains. Hang them the right way. Make a limited space in your house appear bigger and more elegant by hanging your curtain 6″ to 12″ above the window frame. Make sure you give around 3″ to 6″ extension for the curtain rod on each side. If you want a little more sophisticated look, then hang those curtains in such a way that they slightly kiss the floor.
  1. Behold the boxes! To add more life to your front yard, place your seasonal blooming plants on those colored wooden boxes. Choose a color that would complement the look of your house, and would make those flower plants stand out. 
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