In the old normal, we had second homes especially when we live a long way from school. Dorms were our home for a good part of our year, and yet we didn’t have the time to really think if we’re satisfied with the current setup of our room.

Now in the pandemic, we can start thinking of ways to glam up our home-away-from-home! Rustic aesthetics are one of the trending styles today, so what better way to transform our dorms than to keep up with the trend?

Read on and get some designing inspiration from these four easy tips to getting that rustic room!

You wood love this!

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Your dorm bedroom is your top hangout spot with friends and your place for sleeping after a tiring day from school, so it’s a must to make it look and feel the comfiest to get the highest quality of rest.

Ditch the plain and painted wall and opt for a wooden headboard. This may give you the vibe like you’re living in a cabin, but it’s also a nice homey touch to your bedroom. And don’t worry if real wood is not within your budget; you can always go for wood wallpapers for a cheaper option!

To make the bedroom feel more personal, you can have your initials mounted on the headboard for a little more “you” vibe. You can also hang frilled and patterned fabric decors on the wall to complement your headboard, like farmhouse canvas signs. Add a lampshade if you want or maybe run a string of yellow LEDs in the bedroom for a warm ambience at night.

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Everything earthy

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The key to achieving a rustic look is to stick with neutral tones: black, white, grey, brown, and beige. These colors will bring a warm feel to your dorm while giving the room a clean look.

For starters, opt with neutral-colored rugs. Most dorm rooms would have dull-colored tiles and flooring so having a rug to cover it up while complementing the rustic theme is definitely a win! It’s also best to choose pieces of furniture and dorm items (such as curtains and pillows) that pair well with the rustic theme to make all the elements stick together.

Also, make sure that you use light-colored curtains to promote light flowing into the room. Neutral colors are not too pleasing to the eyes if lighting is poor.

Access to accents

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Behind each aesthetically-pleasing interior design are a bunch of accent items that will complement the colors in the room.

To add a bit of texture in the room, you can opt for a sheepskin rug in your bedroom. The color fits the rustic motif and is super soft to touch.

Other items such as picture frames, mirrors, and indoor plants are recommended, too. For picture frames, light-colored wood will work well against white walls. You may dedicate one wall panel for several picture frames. This will add a homey touch to the area. Mirrors are good with or without frames, but if you do choose one with a frame, stick to black or white. Indoor plants are good for the living room or areas near the window so that it would thrive. Also, its green color really pops when it’s under the sun.

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Beautiful in white

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While some see this motif as too plain or boring, the white aesthetic is recommended for small rooms (like dorms) as the color gives an illusion of space in a cramped area. Luckily, it works well with our rustic motif, too!

For your sheets and pillows, go for an all-white ensemble. This would look really great with the wooden headboard and the neutral tones in the room. If you want to add a bit of color, grey blankets are the way to go. You can add shelves in the bedroom to tone down the white theme, but the best way to do this is to drape some LED lights in the room for a warm effect.

Your room is basically your canvas, so feel free to decorate it in any way you want as long as you feel happy with the style you’re creating.