When someone mentions an elevator, most of us immediately picture a department store, an airport, a hotel – or some other public space. How many of us picture one in a home?

This is strange really, when you think about the many functions of elevators. They aren’t just to improve speed getting around; they’re also about mobility. They’re the accessible alternative to stairs for not only wheelchair users but to many disability sufferers who struggle with walking, balance or fatigue.

And those issues don’t disappear for them when they reach their own homes – hence the reason for at-home elevators. Whether you need one yourself to increase your mobility around your home, or you have relatives or friends who visit a lot that could benefit, or you’re moving in elderly parents to help take care of them, you’ll want to look into the best home elevators to give them maximum comfort and independence.

Not only does this increase the autonomy of visitors or residents in your home who struggle with mobility, it also acts as a time saver for any carers, who are able to get on with other tasks when those they care for are enabled to be as independent as possible.

And they don’t have to be the industrial-looking tanks you’re thinking of either; they can easily be stylish and neat, slotting nicely into your home without drawing attention or looking unattractive. A home elevator is the perfect accessory and finishing touch to make your home fully accessible for everyone.

Self-care during a remodel

Redoing your living space is incredibly stressful, something which many don’t fully realise until they’re in the thick of it – so it’s important to keep a clear head so you feel equipped to make the right decisions for you and your home.

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One of the best ways to destress and look after yourself is to treat yourself to something nice, like a nice box of chocolates or some beautiful earrings like the ones on this website to make you feel dressed up and ready to take on the world. After all, you’re spending money to make sure your house looks its best – why shouldn’t you look and feel your best too? 

Being well dressed can also have a surprising impact on how you’re perceived – if you want to avoid arguing with a builder or contractor and just have them listen to what you want, dressing well might just give you the authoritative edge to succeed.