The Diabetes Self-Management has showed studies whereby coffee and chocolate has been proven to help in prevention of diabetes. The researchers were of the opinion that cafestol, an essential chemical in coffee helps in increasing the insulin secretion process. It would also be helpful in reduction of fasting glucose levels. However, it would not be wrong to suggest that cafestol may not be the only chemical that would be effective in reduction or prevention of diabetes. A wide number of chemicals, more than 1000 chemicals are known for keeping the blood sugar levels on the lower side.

Making the most of cafestol

Cafestol has been known to increase the glucose uptake in the muscle cells. It has been known to work on the similar lines as that of the diabetes medicine. It would not be wrong to suggest that drip-brewed coffee does not have ample of cafestol chemicals in it. Therefore, you should look forward to drinking Turkish/Greek or espresso coffee to make the most of cafestol.

However, addition of plenty of sugar and cream would increase the fat and sugar content in your coffee. Therefore, you should use both in moderate quantity to make the most of coffee bean benefits.

Research on coffee intake and chocolate consumption

The HSPH (Harvard School of Public Health) conducted a study whereby 120,000 people were put under observation. Those who were known to increase their coffee intake by at least one cup a day were reducing the risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes by 11%. On the other hand, people reducing their coffee consumption were more likely to develop the risk of having diabetes by approximately 17%.

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Similarly, chocolate encompasses, flavanol, which is an antioxidant that controls your blood sugar levels and weight. The catechin in flavanol is also popular for reducing blood sugar levels and controlling your weight. However, Acorn Stairlifts believes that you should control your chocolate intake to just one or two squares of dark chocolate daily.