Before you start planning to buy a property, it is necessary to have it examined first by a professional home inspector. However, a home inspector is not enough to verify every smallest detail in your home; some need a particular skill to do the trick. One great example of this thing is mold. If you need to check the mold quantity in your property, better to hire a certified mold inspector.

Why is Mold Harmful to your Property?

Generally, molds can multiply on moisture and moldy area in a property. If you didn’t pay any close attention to the mold growth, this thing could cause severe damage to your property. Black mold that appears on your ceiling may damage your roof quickly, especially if the materials are made of wood. In this case, performing a professional mold examination is essential to help the situation further. The physical presence of mold will not only determined by an inspector but also gives us an idea of how to reduce the amount of moisture, which is the main reason for mold formation.

Why is Mold Dangerous to Humans Health?

Mold can cause serious health issues. A person who experiences asthma and the respiratory problem may worsen the health condition if they inhale a mold which resides in a property. For this reason, hiring a professional mold inspection is a must. It is because they can accurately determine the type of mold that is present in your future home and how to deal with it professionally.

Tips on how to Prevent Mold Formation in your Property

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1.   Clean and Dry the Wet Area Instantly

Mold likes to grow on the moisture area. So make sure to clean and dry the wet area as soon as possible to stop the growth of molds inside your house.

2.   Install Proper Ventilation in a Property

Providing proper ventilation inside a property may help reduce the formation of molds. Installing an air-conditioner unit will significantly reduce the humidity level inside a house, which is one major cause of moisture formation. Next, install an exhaust fan in the shower and laundry area. It will lessen the moisture content in these areas, which is known for very high humidity.

3.   Monitor the Humidity Level of Your Home

Expert recommends maintaining the humidity level inside a home between 40 to 60% humidity is useful to health.

4.   Keep the Water Away from your Home

If the home doesn’t have a proper ground sloping, the water may reside in your home foundation and seep to crawl into your basement, which later transforms into harmful molds. Make sure to rectify any improper slope of your house to prevent mold formation.

5.   Hire a Professional Mold Inspector

If you need any professional consultation about the mold in your prospect properties, you may refer to mold inspection in St. Petersburg. We will guarantee to give you the current condition of the mold level in your future home. In addition to this, we will execute a solution to end the mold formation to achieve the longevity of your property.