Pool deck areas are where most of your customers stay to relax and enjoy your vicinities. But along with offering them the best experience and entertainment, also comes responsibility for keeping the area clean and well-maintained. The good thing is there are several ways you can do to keep your pool deck area clean, safe, and aesthetically pleasing for your customers and guests.

In this article, commercial pool deck San Diego will be sharing helpful tips you can do on maintaining your pool decks for long-term safety, curb, lifespan, and appeal of the area.  

Pressure Wash The Area Once Or Twice a Year

One of the best ways to make your pool deck area last long is to keep it free from dirt, debris, and mud, the pool decks are prone to those elements and can be inevitable. And since the pool decks can be a dump area, it is susceptible to mold and algae growth, which is not only unpleasing but can also be unsafe for everyone. 

Regular pressure washing makes pool decks area free from dirt and algae. The whole process is easy and effective in getting rid of pool surface elements. You have an option to do it yourself by renting a pressure washer and concrete cleaner or hire a professional to do it. This process can be included in your maintenance schedule, which can be done once or twice a year.   

Make Use Of Sealant to Protect The Surface

Making use of sealant in your pool deck area is an effective way to protect the surface since the area is increasingly exposed to water, UV, and other elements. Pool deck surfaces without a sealant are prone to stains, concrete deterioration, surface damages. 

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Mold, algae, buildup dirt, and contaminants can cause ugly stains, patches, and spots on your pool deck area. This lessens the overall appeal of the property—same way with other problems such as pitting, spalling and flaking. Spalling is mostly caused by the freeze/thaw cycle on which concrete slabs absorb moisture due to low temperature, then freezes and expands, causing concrete surfaces to break. This type of concrete damage can become worse if not addressed immediately.        

All the concrete damages that were mentioned above can be prevented through the use of concrete sealant. It does not only protect your concrete surfaces, but it also enhances the beauty of your pool deck.   

Immediately Repair Minimal Concrete Cracks

While making use of sealant helps reduce concrete damages, small cracks may still appear. But no matter how small the crack is, it still needs to be repaired immediately before further damage occurs. 

Water can seep into those small cracks, which cause the soil to shift and can lead to concrete sinking or settling. Repairing small cracks can be a do it your self project, but if you not that type, it is better to have a professional do it. Keep in mind that repairing minimal concrete cracks helps in making your pool deck concrete flooring last longer.