Students usually have a limited budget, but this does not exempt them from needing to get a car insurance.

Car insurance coverage, recommended by the state, usually comes at a price which may be too high for an average student to afford. Thus, they prefer to use public transportation, cycling, or walking to school. However, if you know where to look, you’ll find that you can actually get a car insurance coverage that will fit your budget. In other words, you no longer need to fear using the car you have.

As a student, you’re entitled to some discounts if you fit the requirements. Here are some of those discounts that you can get.

1. Good Grades Discount

If you have kept a good record of grades, then you’ll be happy to know that you can actually get discounts not just with your tuition but also with your car insurance. A lot of car insurance companies offer this insurance discount to licensed drivers from the age of 16 to 25. All you need to do is get an at least an average of 3.0 grade. If you have more than 12 credit hours at school, you’re most likely to get a better deal. However, if your grades drop, the discount will be null.

This kind of discount is considered to be the best among all car insurance saving discounts. So, if you’re eligible for it, you should apply right away.

2. Driver’s Education Discount

This kind of discount does not last long as it is only available to new drivers who have already completed a full driver’s education course, specifically that which has gotten approval from the insurance company. To get these driver’s education course, you can go online or get a personal driving instruction. Once you’re done with the instruction, ask the insurance company about the discount.

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3. Resident Student’s Discount

The resident student’s discount is offered to students who don’t frequently use a car, like students who live in the school’s dormitory or those who live in a walking distance. If you want to get the resident student’s discount, you need to apply for verification from the insurer. You need to give your schedule of classes, the address of your school, etc.

4. Parent’s Policy

If you use your car only when you get home, you don’t need to get your own insurance yet. You can just be listed along with their parent’s policy. This way, you and your parents will be able to save more.

To get more information about how to get on your parent’s plan, you can call Auto title loans Oakland.

Final Words

If you’re still saving money, it might be wise not to spend too much on your insurance. Just get the coverage that you need and apply for discounts whenever one fits you. If you can’t apply for any of the given discounts, you can at least try to live closer to your school, get a car with good safety features, go to school in a place where insurance rates are cheaper, or establish a clean driving record.