From getting around city centre campuses to making the return journey to your hometown, transport can be a significant cost for students. However, there are ways you can save — read on to find out more:



The easiest way to reduce your transport costs is by walking instead of taking the bus, train or taxi. It is likely that your student house, halls or accommodation will be near to your university, so you usually won’t have very far to walk — a crucial consideration in winter!

If you live a far from active life, walking is also a great way to sneak some exercise in before a lecture.

Purchase a student bus pass

Of course, there will be some occasions where it’s not possible to walk to your destination — instead, you’ll need to get the bus. The costs can soon mount up if you’re buying multiple single tickets a day, so it’s always best to look into weekly, monthly or even yearly passes if you plan on travelling regularly.

Some bus operators even offer special student bus tickets. For example, Stagecoach offers unirider tickets, which allow unlimited travel within your chosen zone. It’s available to buy annually or on a term-by-term basis. If you’re the kind of student that spends all of their student loan within a month of receiving it, it’s probably best to buy the annual one before your funds reach zero!


Get a railcard

Rail fares are notoriously pricey. Unless you plan your journey well in advance, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to pick up a discounted ticket. One of the easiest ways of doing so is to invest in a railcard.

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A 16-25 railcard, as the name suggests, is available to anyone aged between 16 and 25. With it, you’ll enjoy a third off Standard Anytime and Off-Peak fares, helping to bring the cost of train travel down significantly.

You will have to pay an initial charge to get the card — £30 for one year or £70 for three years. However, you’ll make this cost back in no time at all once you start travelling.

Car share

If one of your course or flat mates has brought their car to university, you may be able to car share with them. By splitting the cost of petrol, you’ll be able to get around for less — but it only works if you’re going to the same places!