Long term travel is becoming more and more popular as the internet has made it possible to work from anywhere. As someone who has been travelling long-term for some time, I have a few tips I’d like to share with anyone who is considering doing the same:

Make a plan

Before I went travelling, I carefully considered a few different regions. Since I was hoping to work remotely as a freelance writer, I knew I would need to start with a destination that was super cheap, great for working, and had plenty to do.

This led me to Chiang Mai, Thailand, where I have returned over and over again- often whenever I needed a few months of solid work and had some saving to do.

If you’re planning to travel long-term you’re probably going to want to do some serious saving. This is a good thing, as it gives you plenty of time to come up with a workable plan so you’ll know where you want to start. Look for countries where you can stay for a while without any visa dramas, and aim for a low cost of living while you get used to travelling and living overseas.


Make some moolah

Without a steady stream of income, your trip will eventually come to an end. But if you can find a way to work on the road, you won’t need to be constantly feeling depressed as you watch your bank account balance dwindle. One of the best things you can do is begin finding remote work before you leave home. Ask your boss if you can work remotely, consider what skills you can use to freelance, or finally launch that online business you’ve been planning for years.

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Create Balance

When you’re travelling long term, it’s easy for things to get a little out of whack. You’re likely to find that you quickly put on weight as you indulge in cheap alcohol and street food. You may find that you spend days at a time working, feeling like you’re missing the whole point of travel. And then you’ll spend days travelling while wondering how you’re going to pay for your next hostel. This is all normal.

Routine and balance are key when you’re travelling. Find which times you’re most productive, and commit to working at the same time each day. Give yourself plenty of time to travel, and occasionally treat yourself to a proper vacation by checking out Webjet cruise deals.

Take travel insurance

When you’re travelling for longer than a few months, you’re almost guaranteed to need travel insurance eventually. Maybe you’ll lose your passport, or drop your phone in a river. You may end up with a parasite, food poisoning, or a broken bone. These are all things that happen while you’re travelling, so it’s best to make sure you’re covered. Compare travel insurance with Webjet so you’ll have peace of mind.