Hoping to travel but not sure how you’ll afford it? If you’re like most people, you may be living from month to month, and a trip somewhere exotic may seem like a distant dream. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to pad your savings account and be lying on a beach in Thailand or browsing a market in Budapest sooner than you might think.

Here are some top ways you can save more money for travel this year:

Make a budget

All good savings plans start with a budget. You need to get a firm grasp on what you’re earning and what you’re spending so you can see where cuts can be made and how you can do some saving.

Make a list which includes how much you earn, along with any firm expenses. These include things like rent or mortgage, utility payments, student loan or car repayments, and anything else that absolutely has to be paid each month.

Next, get a notebook and pen or an app and track absolutely everything you spend for a week. This includes that pack of gum at the gas station, your morning Starbucks run, and any other spendings along the way. Take a good look at where you’re spending unnecessarily, and make a list of cuts you can make. By adding this up, you can come up with an achievable savings goal.


Find a side hustle

When you’re hoping to save money, you have two options: Earn more, or spend less. Many people are starting side hustles these days, since they’re a great way to use your skills without finding a brand new job. This could mean playing in an online fun casino, driving for Uber or Lyft, freelancing, or even childcare.

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Socialise smart

As much as you may want to be socialising with friends, this can get expensive when socialising means dinners out and drinks after work. One of the best things you can do is let your friends know you’re working hard to save money and ask if you can do things that are cheap or free while still catching up.

Ask everyone over for a potluck dinner, or go oldschool and have a movie night at your house. Go for walks on the beach, arrange for a group hike, or see if you can start a weekly soccer game. There’s no reason why socialising with your friends should mean emptying your wallet.