The citizenship of Dominica is very important and everyone living there wants to have it. There are a lot of benefits that you get once you have got your Dominica citizenship, but the first one needs to know the methods of applying for it. There are two ways in which one can apply for Dominica Citizenship. We have explained both the methods in the section below.

Dominica citizenship by donation

The first way in which you could apply for the citizenship of Dominica is by donation. Now, the fee of this donation is different for different people depending on their situation. If you want to apply as a single applicant, then they will charge you differently. However, those who want to apply for the entire family; they will have to pay a different fee. The initial cost for the one who is applying as a single applicant will be 113,750 US dollars, while those who are applying for the whole family will have to pay 218,500 US dollars. The cost will be the same after 5 years of the application. Now, this fee includes the fee that you need to pay to a Dominica CBI agent professional. One thing that should be there in the mind of the people who are applying by this method that the fee for the professional is not charged, when you are applying through real estate option, which we are going to discuss in the section below.

Dominica citizenship by investing in real estate

Another way to apply for the citizenship of Dominica is by investing in real estate. Now, according to all those people who have already applied for citizenship through this method, this is the best way. Now, the condition for applying through this method is somewhat the same as the previous one. You could either apply as a single applicant or can apply to your entire family. The cost for application as a single applicant is 233,750 US dollars, while the cost with the whole family is 248,500 US dollars, initially. Now, this fee will change after 5 years and will become 21,750 for a single applicant and 36,500 for the entire family. 

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If we talk more about this method and compare it with the other one, then this is better than that. The reason behind it is that one could sell their share that they had invested in, after the 5 years of holding period. Not just this, after you have resold your share you can even earn 3% of the total profit that the spa is going to have. Also, the methodology of both applications is not much different. The only difference is in the cost that you pay.

The process of applying for Dominican citizenship is very easy, as you could see it by yourself with the help of the above points. These points will help you a lot with the application, in every aspect, as the points are explained in detail.