Las Vegas used to be known as the place where you could find a cheap vacation, while feeling like you were in an adult Disneyland.

However as soon as the mega resorts arrived, gone were the cheap rooms, cheap food, and cheap entertainment. These days, you may feel like you have a hole in your pocket while you’re in Vegas, but it’s still possible to get the most bang for your buck in the City of Sin.

Here are some ways you can maximise your budget while in Las Vegas:las-vegas-573600_1280Wait for a deal

One of the things you should know about Vegas, is that whatever the real price is, it’s pretty much guaranteed that you’ll be able to find a discounted price, either by joining an email list or waiting for deals on Facebook or the attractions website.

Look out for discounted tickets

If you’re hoping to see a show try Tix4Tonight, which has booths around the strip. Often you’ll find tickets for half price, and it’s also worth signing up for their mailing list and texts.

Once you’ve decided which show you want to see, be sure to check the website. The Cirque du Soleil website, is a good example, and you’ll find huge discounts during non-peak periods if you buy directly from them.1.162543Join the clubs

A good idea is to join the loyalty clubs for casinos and resorts, and they’ll email you with offers and deals. Sometimes you’ll receive discounted buffets, meal credits, and room rates.

Book Flights in Advance

While it can be tempting to hope you get a last minute deal on flights, if you’ve already booked your accommodation then you’re at the mercy of whatever the prices are, and if it’s a popular weekend you could end up spending much more than you anticipated. Do yourself a favour and book in advance. You’re much more likely to save money, and you won’t be crossing your fingers for a cheap deal the week before you need to midweek

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While most people think they need to be in Vegas for a weekend, there’s always a party going on. If you can swing a couple of days off, book on a Tuesday or Wednesday night for much cheaper flights and room rates. You may find yourself staying in a much nicer room, in a better hotel, in a superior location simply by choosing to go during the week.

Drink for Free

Drinks are usually free while you’re gambling in Vegas, so if you’re planning to go clubbing it can be a good idea to spend some time on the slot machines first. Just be sure to tip well if you want that cocktail waitress to come back.

Bring Vegas to your living room

If you can’t quite afford to go to Vegas yet, Try the Snake Charmer casino game, which is a fun way to try your luck and potentially win some money-all from the comfort of your own home.