Whether you’re finishing up your housing projects for 2019, or you’re taking “New Year, new me” to another height with a new look home in 2020, a good clear out can be very therapeutic. Obviously, the cheapest method is to do the manual labour yourself, but you’re still going to need a place to put all your rubbish.

For the times where a bi-weekly collected wheelie bin just won’t cut it, a cheap skip hire is the go-to route. But did you know that your location can affect the price of a skip? We’ve taken a look at the some of the cheapest skip prices for a number of regions around the UK.

Let’s look at how much will a skip cost you for your next big project:

The lower-cost areas:

The first eight locations we’re covering are the luckiest locations! Why? Because they get some of the cheapest skip hire prices:

Location 4 Yard Skip 6 Yard Skip 8 Yard Skip 12 Yard Skip Average
Coventry £160.50 £193.62 £211.00 £274.00 £210
Wolverhampton £145.00 £179.00 £247.17 £287.00 £215
Liverpool £158.20 £203.00 £213.00 £289.00 £215
Manchester £187.76 £195.00 £210.00 £289.00 £220
Nottingham £155.00 £216.17 £239.33 £304.00 £228
Derby £139.00 £215.00 £238.20 £326.00 £229
York £187.00 £201.67 £260.10 £282.00 £235
Birmingham £145.00 £255.67 £247.17 £293.00 £235

(The rates you see below are all including VAT. However, the cost of skip permits, and parking is not included)

The higher-cost areas:

The next eight locations are some of the pricier areas for skip hire:

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Location 4 Yard Skip 6 Yard Skip 8 Yard Skip 12 Yard Skip Average
Bristol £173.54 £233.17 £234.00 £320.00 £240
London £192.61 £236.31 £216.86 £323.54 £241
Slough £155.00 £278.00 £266.67 £302.00 £250
Leeds £155.78 £281.00 £234.00 £361.50 £257
Newcastle £228.00 £238.00 £241.00 £328.00 £258
Ipswich £190.00 £251.00 £261.00 £357.50 £264
Cheltenham £130.00 £241.00 £328.00 £387.00 £271
Bournemouth £183.00 £328.00 £292.33 £460.00 £315

(The rates you see below are all including VAT, however the cost of skip permits, or parking is not included)

Of course, the size of the container you need will impact the cost regardless of where you live. It’s important to pick the right sized skip to suit your needs not only in terms of pricing, but in terms of the job.

Which skip do I need?

4 Yard Skip

A four-yard ‘mini’ skip is a most compact waste container. It is ideal for the smaller domestic refurbishments, DIY projects, and small garden clearances.

It might be a mini skip, but did you know it can hold around two and a half car boots full of waste? So, you can be sure this small, compact and easy to load skip can handle most domestic refurbishments.

6 Yard Skip

A six-yard ‘small’ builder’s skip offers the ideal way to store waste when carrying out a medium-sized domestic project. It’s the perfect option when you are tackling domestic refurbishments, home clear-outs, or even small construction works.

Although it’s known as a small builder’s skip, it can hold as much waste as a VW Cadi Maxi Van! Plus, it’s easy to fit on most driveways and greater for the bulkier items.

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8 Yard Skip

The traditional builder’s skip is the most popular skip size and is the largest size available for soils and rubble due to weight limits.

The eight-yarder is ideal for most if not all projects, including general construction works and large domestic clearances. It can hold as much as a Ford Transit Van full of waste, so you can be sure it can handle all your bulkier waste items!

12 Yard Skip

The 12-yard skip is one of the largest skip sizes you’ll be able to get. It is a huge skip that’s suitable for the bulky items of waste that are still light in weight.

Although it’s not suitable for soils and heavy rubble, it’s an ideal option for major constructions works and those large clear-outs. It can hold the same capacity of waste as the average garden shed — impressive right?

With the right skip size and budget in mind, you’re set to blast through whatever project you have in mind!