In most cases, divorce is a terrible experience and no couple ever sets out to end up there. However, the sad reality is that it happens and couples are then forced to make several decisions that they want to see benefit them.

One of the decisions couples who have a home face is deciding who will stay in their current home. In some cases, the couple may have a real fight as they try to agree who gets to stay in the house. However, in many cases, they both refuse to stay there either because of the memories attached to the house or financial reasons.

If you fall into the latter category, you are probably wondering how you can sell your house easily after this horrible separation.

In this post, we will go through a few tips for selling your house after a divorce.

  • CHOOSING THE RIGHT AGENT: Attempting to sell your house without prior experience leaves you vulnerable to mistakes you don’t want to make. Even if you do have experience in selling a home, that experience will have been significantly different from this one. For starters, you most likely are not thinking straight due to the physical and emotional stress the divorce has caused you. Do not waste energy arguing about which agent you would prefer. If an agent was involved when you purchased your current house, you may consider using the same one again if you both feel he did a great job. If there was no agent involved, you and your partner should individually choose a friend and ask both of them to agree on who the perfect agent would be. You can find more useful information here.
  • DECIDING THE PRICE YOU INTEND SELLING YOUR HOUSE: You should ask your agent to give you a realistic value for your house since he has more experience at this than both of you. There is a high chance that both of you will set an unrealistic price for sentimental reasons. Hence, it is really the best idea to ask an experienced and non-sentimental pair of eyes to help value your home. Another advantage of asking your agent to value your house instead of yourselves is that it helps to eliminate potential conflicts in the decision-making process. You can either change your agent if you are not satisfied with the value he comes up with or be realistic about the true value of your house. Don’t let sentiment cloud your judgment.
  • SHOWING YOUR HOUSE TO POTENTIAL BUYERS:  Don’t make the mistake of assuming that this will be a piece of cake. No matter what the differences between you and your partner are, you will still have a sentimental attachment to that house. This leaves a real possibility of feeling that these strangers are invading your privacy as you show them around. Secondly, you both have to decide who will fund the repairs your house needs before showing it to buyers. Your agent can help show off the house if you neither of you are living there anymore; but if you are you have to ensure that the house is clean and tidy.
  • SHARING THE PROCEEDS: This should be decided in percentage terms before selling the house. If you both have a problem with reaching an agreement you can ask an escrow company for help. If either you or your spouse has been singlehandedly paying for the mortgage, this increases their chances of getting more out of the profit.
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Sharing the proceeds should only be done after settling marriage debts and paying necessary bills.