Even at the best of times many of us need therapy, but with everything going on with the current pandemic, we might find our mental health suffering. Humans are social creatures and it’s simply not normal for us to be cooped up alone at home. If you’re struggling at the moment, but not sure how you will therapy into your budget, here are three suggestions:

1. Consider Phone Counselling
Phone therapy can be a great way to reduce the cost of help without impacting the quality. Because a counsellor can work from home instead of needing an office, often those savings are passed onto the client, allowing for more affordable therapy. You might want to find a therapist who offers video calling, or you may prefer the distance that telephone therapy can afford. Companies such as BetterHelp offer high quality phone therapy at exceptional prices.

2. Consider the Frequency
When we start something new, even therapy, it can be tempting to go once a week. Obviously you will move through your worries faster with more frequent sessions, but it might make your ideal therapist outside of your budget. The best way to compromise is by having therapy less often, perhaps instead having it every two weeks or monthly. You’ll still see huge benefits with less frequent sessions.

3. Ask your Insurance
Some health insurance policies cover therapy, depending on what it’s needed for and the duration. It’s worth contacting your insurance coverage company to see if they can help. Talk to your therapist about whether they work with any insurance companies or what the claiming process is.

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4. Ask Your Therapist
Some therapists are open to something called a sliding scale, whereby there is some flexibility in the cost of your therapy based on your income. If you’re a student, on a low income, or unemployed then your therapist might be able to take that into considering to help with some of the financial burden. You never know unless you ask.

Cost is one of the main reasons people shy away from therapy, but now with the invention of video calling and the Internet it’s easier than ever to find an affordable therapist no matter your location.