When spending time on the road each day, it can be easy to make minor mistakes that lead to getting traffic tickets. Whether you fail to make a complete stop or exceed the speed limit, traffic tickets can be costly and can add up over time. If you want to avoid getting traffic tickets, there are a few ways to make better decisions while driving and avoid having to attend traffic school.

Take a Defensive Driving Test

It’s important to know how to improve your driving skills by taking a course where you can learn helpful tips and pointers from experts. The course can allow you to identify areas you need to improve when it comes to sitting behind the wheel to ensure you work on habits that can lead to getting traffic tickets. Weaving in and out of lanes, accelerating too quickly, or stopping too fast can increase your risk of getting a ticket because the police will assume you’re driving recklessly.

It’s also important to obey traffic rules. Ignorance isn’t an excuse, making it necessary to stay informed. If you plan to drive in a new city or state, research the local laws to ensure you can drive safely.

Avoid Standing Out

It can be easier for a cop to spot your car if it’s bold and stands out amongst other vehicles on the road. Avoid driving a car with yellow, red, or orange paint, which will make it easier to spot. You also want to avoid covering your car in stickers or slogans. When you’re buying a car, opt for a sedan that is plain and minimal. You also want to get your tail lights fixed and perform minor maintenance when it’s needed to ensure you’re less likely to get ticketed.

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Look for Cameras

Many speed cameras are present on highways to spot vehicles that are exceeding the speed limit. The photo radar can be present on vans that are parked on the side of the road where many people are prone to speed or get into accidents. Watch your speed and use caution when entering areas where a lot of traffic is present, which is where the cameras are often installed.

Reduce Your Speed

Speeding is one of the main reasons people get traffic tickets, which can be expensive depending on how fast you were driving. Know the local speed limit on different highways before taking your route. Many navigation systems have the speed limit in the software and will alert you when you’re driving too fast.

It’s also important to stay out of the fast lane. Even if you’re not speeding, it can be easy for police to assume that you were driving too fast. Many states also require only using the fast lane to pass other cars instead of staying too long in the lane.

Going with the flow of traffic is also necessary to avoid standing out. You’re less likely to get a ticket if you’re speeding than other cars on the highway or also driving at the same speed.

Prepare for Getting Pulled Over

If a police officer pulls you over, turn your car off and keep both hands on the wheel. Admit your mistake and avoid lying or becoming defensive. If you can, always pull into a parking lot for added safety.

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Knowing how to avoid traffic tickets is key to keeping your driving record clean and avoid paying hundreds of dollars in fines. You can also increase your safety and avoid putting other motorists at risk.