If you love nature, then you’ll be spoiled for choice in Norway as there’s so much natural beauty you may find yourself wanting to revisit this stunning country over and over. One of the biggest drawcards for a trip to Norway is to experience the striking Northern Lights. They’re essentially a gorgeous colourful show right in the night’s sky that are on the bucket list for many people around the world. Norway also has a number of great landmarks, including extremely photogenic fjords and plenty of them. There are great hiking trails, beautiful lookouts, and a funicular! Keep reading to find out about the top things to do in Norway:

1. The Northern Lights
The truth is, there are not that many countries in the world where you can see the Northern Lights – firstly you have to find somewhere that’s pretty North (or South – such as New Zealand, but those are called the Southern Lights) and has clear enough skies to offer a good view of the lights. The cooler seasons from November through to March tend to be the best months to view the Northern Lights but it will vary from year to year, so it’s a good idea to check in advance. In order to get a clear viewing of the Northern Lights normally you need to head away from the big cities, as the bright lights can dull the light shows. It can be quite challenging to find a good location from which to enjoy this spectacular light show, so choosing to go on a tour can be a helpful way to increase your odds of seeing this natural wonder. If you’re interested in going on a Northern Lights Tour be sure to book well in advance as they’re extremely popular and can book out months in advance!

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2. Mount Floyen and the Funicular
If you’re visiting Bergen, which you probably will as it’s a great entry point to many of Norway’s most popular fjords, then you must make a visit to Mount Floyen. From the docks, you can easily find the funicular which is around 10 minutes walk. While you can walk, or cycle up Mount Floyen, I personally suggest the funicular because it’s a fun experience and you can make your way up without getting out of breath! It can get extremely busy as it’s a very popular lookout point for both tourists and locals, so it’s smart to go up early in order to beat all the crowds. You can book your tickets in advance in order to skip some of the lines. On the top of the mountain are some excellent walking areas, as well as a nice restaurant and children’s playground. You can easily pass a few hours at the top, taking in all the stunning views.

3. Geiranger Fjord
You’re going to want to make sure your camera is charged and maybe even take a few spare batteries (or at least a phone charging battery pack) because chances are you are going to want to take a hundred – or a thousand photos – of this natural beauty. You may feel like you’re in the middle of a fairytale when visiting Geiranger Fjord because it’s just that beautiful! You can easily book a ferry trip through the Fjord, which is a lovely cruise. Head to Geiranger which is a quaint, if a bit touristy, town where you can buy some cute souvenirs and snap some pictures.

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4. The Norwegian National Opera & Ballet 
Chances are you’ll find yourself in Oslo at one point, and while it’s a fantastic city worth visiting, there’s one thing that stands out as a must-do when in Oslo. Head to The Norwegian National Opera & Ballet to see a show. You’ll have to book your tickets weeks or months in advance, so start browsing when you know you’re headed to Norway. The quality of opera and ballet in Norway is extremely high and there are often famous shows touring throughout Europe as well. While you’re there, check out the building, it’s a modern masterpiece in its own right.

5. Vigelandsparken
Before you leave Oslo be sure to plan a quick visit to Vigelandsparken, which is a sculpture park which is thankfully free to visit – which is great as Oslo is considered an expensive place to visit. Children and adults alike will be amazed at the sheer number of sculptures here, which end up feeling a lot like a maze. If you’re visiting during the cooler months, all the better, the sculptures look even better with a fresh dusting of snow.
Traveling around Norway is an incredible experience. Whether you choose to go alone or enjoy the conveniences of a tour, be sure to check off some of these bucket-list worthy travel tips for Norway!