Travel can be so exciting that we often forget our own limitations. Perhaps you get stressed out easily when you don’t understand where you’re going, or maybe you simply didn’t expect walking around the city all day to be as exhausting as it is. In both cases, knowing what you are getting into ahead of time and preparing properly can help you stay stress-free on your next trip, and of course to also have the energy and the inclination to get out and get everything on your itinerary done.

Don’t let the excitement for your trip blind you. Prepare accordingly, and you can have a great experience through and through.

Reduce Your Luggage Size

Having a lot of options when you are traveling can seem like a great idea, right up until it becomes difficult to travel to and fro from your destinations. Chances are, you don’t need a large suitcase either. By simply preparing a travel wardrobe and ensuring you have the 20-must-have items that The Luxpats recommends, you can have everything you need in a smaller suitcase.

Read Travel Blogs

Travel blogs from real people who visited your destination are a great way to get insider’s information without the typical selling point that many big travel articles give you. Every destination you go to won’t be perfect, but knowing what to expect in advance can help you prepare and enjoy it regardless.

Obtain a Local SIM Card

Our phones are powerful. Not only can you find directions at the tap of a button, but you can translate, read important travel tips and notices, and keep in touch with friends and family too. The only way you can use all of these features, however, is if you have service in the area. In the EU, you can benefit from data sharing, so you can use your own phone plan in different countries without a thought. Traveling abroad, however, will mean buying a local SIM card. Check in advance before you go. Some places require you to buy your SIM in advance, others have special requirements.

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Have Low-Energy Activities on Hand

Forcing yourself to keep going even when you are exhausted is not the way to go. You need to rest so that you can recuperate and regain your strength. How you do this will depend on your interests. You could enjoy reading in the park, or you could play games on your phone while you take a long lunch. Going through the effort of ensuring you have service on your phone can really pay off here, particularly if you like online games. Unibet has many fun ones to choose from, for example, and playing them will help you have fun throughout the day, even while you give your body a break.

Bring Drinks and Snacks with You

Have a day pack with you at all times that contains water and protein-filled snacks. This way, you can stave off heat exhaustion and maintain your energy throughout your trip. Staying healthy is paramount, after all, to enjoy a stress-free trip. So read this My Health Time guide on the symptoms of heatstroke, and plan accordingly so that it doesn’t happen to you.


Finally, remember to try to disconnect. Don’t respond to work emails, and try to live in the moment as much as possible until you need a break.