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If you’re taking a holiday to Europe, you’re in for a real treat. Many countries in this continent are renowned for their beauty, history, rich culture, great food and entertainment. You can also travel from one country to another so easily. However, if you’re not careful, costs can soon add up. Flights, accommodation, food, entertainment, and sightseeing can blow your budget. Luckily, there are some fantastic ways to save in Europe. Here are 7 top tips:Travel using separate tickets and modes of transport

Direct return flights can be expensive unless you’ve booked an all-inclusive holiday – so sometimes it’s cheaper to book different stages of your journey on separate tickets. Flights into Europe can offer value for money but this continent really lends itself well to cheaper train and bus travel. National providers offer some great deals on (very efficient!) travel throughout France, Germany and Spain.

Freebies from the Tourist Information Centre

If you’re visiting a country for the first time, you might want to hit the popular sightseeing destinations – but fees to get into each attraction can really burn a hole in your pocket. Visit Tourist Information Centres first for access to free or discounted museum passes, daily travel tickets and restaurant deals. This can save you heaps!

Visit local, free social events

Some of the big European cities are renowned for their annual free events. For example, every August, Edinburgh hosts the largest arts festival in the world. Millions of visitors flock to the city to enjoy Edinburgh’s Free Fringe – a programme packed with arts and comedy events for all ages. Amsterdam’s Vondelpark is also host to terrific concerts, festivals and outdoor share/short term let in the city centre

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If you’re only visiting a city for a few days, search online for local short term apartment shares in the city centre. Not only will you save on pricey hotels and avoid the cost of using public transport, because you’re more central, you will likely have a more authentic stay when you’re ‘living like the locals’.

Walk and walking tours

You can save a lot of money by simply walking around a city – it’s a great way to get to know a new place, and a much more affordable option than paying for transport . It’s also worth looking into walking tours – a guide will save you time and money visiting a city’s best spots.

Take advantage of free WiFi

Why buy top-up WiFi bundles with your own phone provider when free WiFi is available almost everywhere? These days, you can automatically switch free WiFi providers wherever you go. This will save you a ton of hidden phone costs at the end of your holiday.station-428871_1280Prepare all your own food

This may sound a bit of an effort but you can save a fortune by prepping your own food every day – especially when you think about how much you would spend buying breakfast, lunch and dinner. Food shopping can become an adventure in itself if you explore farmers’ markets and food markets. These venues offer discounted, fresh foods that support the local economy. Go for French bread and cheese markets, Barcelona’s seafood markets and Switzerland for chocolate!

As long as you’re smart about the way you travel around Europe your bank balance will remain healthy, and your holiday will not be the cause of any future stress. Happy travelling!