Studying abroad can be one of the most eye-opening and fulfilling experiences of a student’s life, but it can also be one of the more difficult times as it can often be hard to find an extra income to support yourself in a foreign country. But, fortunately there are a few key opportunities to help stretch your wallet while you’re taking in new cultures and languages, and some of them may even turn into strong career paths for you in the future.16840395246_a2841b0f4e_zBuy second-hand textbooks

Textbooks are notoriously expensive and buying them at the beginning of the semester usually means buying them brand new and from the campus bookstore. Often instructors will assign books that are actually supplementary reading, or that will only be used a handful of times in the class, and you can get photocopies of from friends. By waiting until the end of the first week of classes to purchase books, you can actually ask your instructor what books from the list will be used, and can often purchase them online at a discounted rate.

Unlock your phone before leaving home

Buying a brand new phone in your new home country can be an expensive endeavour, especially as exchange rates and trade tariffs can often make technology more expensive in foreign countries. By unlocking your smart phone from home you can avoid the cost buying a new one, and can also utilize many apps, such as Skype and WhatsApp, to keep in touch with people from and ISIC card

International Student Identity Cards are the best way to prove that you’re a student when studying abroad, and can get you discounts on everything from food and drinks to tickets for travel and shows. There are also a variety of student networks, such as Erasmus Student Network for Europe, where you can network with other students and discover deals and cost-cutting ideas for your local area.

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Teaching English

If you’re looking to do your graduate schooling abroad, then a Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (MA TESOL), will provide you with ample opportunity to work while you study. There are also many opportunities for future lucrative career paths abroad in ESL, as countries like the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Korea, and China are constantly seeking qualified teachers at a variety of academic levels.

There are many great places to both visit and study across the globe, so make sure you have the best time possible and don’t miss out on fun activities because you’re short of cash.

Image by Moyan Brenn used under the Creative Commons license.