After the festive season, its normal to feel down in the dumps in the cold January that follows. The dark nights have us craving some vitamin D and the temptation to book a holiday in sun becomes overwhelming! Unfortunately, most of us are left skint after Christmas, and a summer holiday just isn’t a practical purchase. It would be a shame to miss out on making those special family memories, so we have put together our top tips to help you make that dream vacation happen:

  1. Save, save, save 

It might seem obvious, but saving money especially for a holiday will make it more achievable. Simple changes to your everyday life can save you a small fortune, so tighten your purse strings and follow our money-saving hacks:

  • Swap Starbucks coffee for filter.
  • Ditch the supermarket ‘meal deal’, and Friday nights take away in favour of homemade food.
  • Save petrol and keep fit by cycling, or walking to work.
  • Choose budget supermarkets, or visit late at night to get those reductions!
  • Shun expensive TV subscriptions and stick to Freeview TV. If you need more variety, opt for a Netflix account.
  • Make the most of points schemes, such as Morrison’s more card, or, Tesco Club card.
  • Clear out your old junk and hit up the local car boot sale, or, try your hand at EBay selling.
  • Use cashback sites and utilise discount days for online shopping.

    1. Timing 

During the kids 6-week break, holiday prices sky rocket, so try to book your family holiday out of the peak season to get the trip you want, at a fraction of the price. If you can’t pull the kids out of school in term time, then choose a week away in October or Easter half term – you’ll be surprised at how much cheaper it is.

        2. Be flexible 

Flexibility is key when it comes to saving money on travel. If you’re not fussy about when/ where you go, then you could snap up a last-minute deal on the cheap. Keep an eye on the deals advertised at your local travel agent and ensure you have the funds ready to go. The only downside of last minute travel is that you won’t have the build-up to save up!

       3. Choose an All-inclusive package 

It’s so easy to forget that once you’ve paid off your flights and accommodation, you’ll need spending money too! Eating out every day, nights out and family excursions can amount to a hefty price tag! Choosing an all-inclusive package will eliminate the worry of paying for those little extras when you’re away. Sure, sometimes all-inclusive is a little more expensive, but if you book in advance and follow our saving hacks, you’ll be able to visit your dream destination, without financial restraints.

       4. Holiday Competitions 

If you’re feeling lucky, then entering a holiday give away could be a sure-fire way to get your annual vacay free of charge. Magazines, travel companies and bingo sites often advertise holiday competitions to help with their brand promotion. Check out this free to enter competition one by tombola, you could be in with a chance of winning a 5* trip to Australia – fingers crossed!