Have you always wanted to take a vacation in Hawaii? You’re not alone. Millions of people around the world dream of visiting the Pacific Paradise. But many have concerns about the cost of their dream holiday. Fortunately by following a few strategies, you can easily afford one of those Luxury retreats before you know it. Keep reading and discover a few simple hacks to make that dream vacation a reality.

The costs of a luxury vacation

It’s no secret that taking a holiday in Hawaii is costly. You’ll be looking at spending several thousands of dollars. Flights in and out are pricey, as are the vacation rentals and resorts. Throw in the expenses to explore the island, taking a helicopter ride over the volcano and learning how to surf. Expect the costs to double if you’re travelling as a family. Instead of looking at the total cost, break it down into a smaller more manageable amount. Then you can start saving a little each week to put towards your dream vacation.

Planning your trip

First, think about when you want to visit Hawaii, and for how long. Do you want to take your vacation during the Christmas break or in the school holidays? The time of your trip makes a huge difference to the total cost. If you’re able to visit outside of peak season, you’ll get better value for money.

Next consider what you want to do in Hawaii. Invest in a guidebook, and write down all the things you want to do. Maybe you want to get PADI-certified or join a diving tour out into the Pacific. Perhaps you just want to spend your hours relaxing on the beach or next to the pool. When you have your list, you can get an estimate of the total amount you need. Throw in spending money for food, drink and souvenirs. Now you have a rough idea of the price, you can create a smart financial plan to help you pay for your dream vacation.

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How to save up for you dream trip

If you’re booking up for next year’s holiday, you have plenty of time to save. One of the easiest ways is to put some money into a savings account each week. Instead of going out twice a week to the restaurant, go out once. Then put the money you saved towards you trip. Almost everyone will find it easy to put a couple of hundred dollars aside each month. You don’t feel the money when you have a smart saving strategy. And with the added motivation of a luxury trip to Hawaii, it’s a lot easier to cut your spending today.

After booking everything up, get or make a money box. Every time you save on something, put the extra inside. Over time, this adds up. Put this money towards any experience on your dream vacation. And because you’ve accumulated the savings that you would have otherwise spent, it allows you to have luxury for practically free.   

Essential tips

Always search for discounts and promotions

If you’re lucky, you might find the deal of a lifetime. This applies to flights, accommodation and activities. Flight prices fluctuate, and the price you see now might be a lot higher than tomorrow. Hotel and vacation rental prices change depending on whether it’s the high or low season. And tour companies have regular promotions and special offers. If you’re savvy, you could jump on these deals and end up saving thousands of dollars. Check the flight prices every day. Set up a price alert to notify you by email when the price drops. If you have your dates set, book them up the moment you see a bargain. The same applies for your accommodation and activities. Be flexible and monitor the prices over a period of time. And when a bargain presents itself, snap it up.

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Go all out on this vacation

The average couple goes on holiday twice a year. Rather than booking up two vacations, put all your money towards one mega-luxurious one. That means you have twice as much to spend in Hawaii. You can still go away for mini-breaks or on a weekend getaway, but keep the expenses down. And remember that everything you save now goes directly towards Hawaii. This that doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to have a break at all. Just consider going somewhere that’s a little easier on the credit card.

Work overtime and put all the extra money towards your vacation

If you’re able to work overtime, consider getting an extra few hours every week. You don’t have to work 24/7. But a little extra that goes directly towards your luxurious vacation. Every dollar that you earn contributes towards that dream trip. You can use the images of a beachside villa to motivate you to work more. If overtime isn’t an option, find how to earn a side income. And again, everything you make goes towards your dream holiday.

How to afford a luxurious vacation in Hawaii

Any luxurious trip to Hawaii will come with a steep price tag. But if you take measures to save up and use smart financial strategies, you can have that dream holiday without feeling like it costs a fortune. Search for the best flight prices, accommodation discounts and special offers on tours. Work overtime with the intention of every dollar going towards your holiday, and start making cutbacks in your daily life. Follow these strategies and you’ll be able to afford your dream trip before you know it.

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