Seattle’s reputation for clouds and rain doesn’t dampen the opportunities for fun in the Pacific Northwest city located on the Puget Sound. Whether you’re looking for adventure, breathtaking views, history, or culture, you’ll certainly find what you’re seeking in the largest city in the region.

1. Visit Pike Place Market

Arguably one of the most well-known, must-visit spots in Seattle, Pike Place Market is actually an entire neighborhood that was opened the summer of 1907. Today it houses shops, stands and stalls for the resident farmers, artisans, craftspeople and a range of other purveyors that call this neighborhood home. Don’t miss the show at Pike Place Fish where the shop keeps throwing the fish as they serve customers. There are also a wide variety of food stalls offering different gourmet foods to eat as you wander through the market.

A great way to plan your day at Pike Place Market is to download the self-guided walking tour from before you go. The website also provides hours for produce stalls, fish markets, retailers and restaurants, as well as information about parking and other important details for visitors.

2. Catch Your Dinner

True anglers won’t be satisfied watching people throw fish around, they’ll want to get out and catch a few themselves! All Rivers & Saltwater Charters is a great way to do just that. The service offers salmon charters both on the rivers and in the saltwater all year round. Experienced and knowledgeable guides host guest anglers for a day of adventure on the water with exactly the right equipment. If salmon isn’t your thing, fishing charters are available on the rivers for steelhead in the summer and winter.

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3. Take a Hike

Mt. Rainier is about 80 miles southeast of Seattle, but Mt. Si is only 30 miles to the East and offers some great opportunities to get out and enjoy the great outdoors a bit closer to town. There is an eight-mile, roundtrip hike to the summit of Mount Si. Many hikers who plan to tackle Mt. Rainier use Mt. Si as a training ground by loading up their packs; however, the trail is equally suited to less serious hikers.

4. Discover Discovery Park

Seattle’s largest park, Discovery Park, is 534 acres of natural shoreline, cliffs, hiking trails and green space just waiting to be explored. Visitors to the park can enjoy a day on the beach, hike through beautiful terrain, visit the historic lighthouse, enjoy a picnic and just take in the natural beauty. If you’re there on a clear day, you’ll even have a view of the Olympics and Mt. Rainier.

5.Explore Air TravelThe Museum of Flight at Boeing Field is a great way to learn more about Seattle’s role in aviation history as home to Boeing Company. There are hands-on exhibits that even allow the youngest visitors to explore the insides of aircraft. In addition, the Great Gallery contains historic aircraft. Visitor’s tend to flock to the SAM 970 on exhibit. This plane was Air Force One during the Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon presidencies.