Will you be getting away from it all this summer? If you haven’t currently got anything planned, you might want to change that, as taking a summer break can bring many benefits. As Bustle makes clear, it would let you leave behind everyday stresses and spend peaceful time with your family.

However, there could remain a big question mark over how you are supposed to fund the summer activities of which you dream. Here are some tips to avoid hitting a financial brick wall. To start, be sure to check websites like Dunhill Travel Deals for a great deal on your next last minute all inclusive vacation.

Consider choosing a less conventional holiday destination

The appeal of certain holiday destinations is obvious – too obvious, in fact. You could find that getting to those places before the summer sunshine goes could require you to shell out extortionate amounts in fees for hotels and flights. Still, you can significantly cut costs but not the experience.

For example, rather than opting for a water villa in the Maldives, consider much cheaper places such as Bali, Thailand and Sri Lanka, Family Traveller advises.  

Don’t rule out a “staycation”

Yes, it can be hard to resist the lure of the exotic, but you could still enjoy a fun and fresh experience without having to leave your home country. In embarking on a staycation, you could save money on flights and perhaps even hotels if you stay in someone’s home, as sites like Airbnb would allow.

In the UK, worthy holiday destinations include Durham, with its stunning cathedral. Your hosts could even call on Durham roofing contractors capable of further improving your experience.

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Avoid scheduling your getaway for a peak time

Some places – like Miami and, for that matter, Florida more generally – aren’t quite as popular in summer as you might have assumed. However, wherever you do want to go, avoid booking the trip for August’s second or third week, as those times are already popular with many travellers.

Therefore, you can make big savings by instead scheduling your holiday for June, when summer rates are usually at their best, or September, when many hotel rates start falling, says StyleCaster.

Carefully consider what clothes you will need

What do you actually want to do on your summer getaway? It’s an obvious question to ask, and it has implications for which clothes you should source and pack.

Look at your current wardrobe inclusions and see how many of them you could dig out for your holiday. Even if you must buy some new items, if you will often be at the beach or the pool, swimwear and a long-sleeve cover up could go a long way during both the day and night.

Watch out for budget activities

This is where planning ahead can really pay dividends. You could find that a wildlife sanctuary offers a cheaper alternative to a zoo and that certain museums permit free admission in particular hours.

Clue yourself up on facts like these ahead of time – you could be rewarded with a healthier bank account balance by the end of your summer holiday.