A housewarming gift between friends can be a little bit awkward. You can always go generic and opt for a bottle of wine or a fruit basket or baked goods, but it always feels a little bit lazy. Those are more the kinds of gifts that your friend’s new neighbors might bring over to welcome him or her to the area. You might want to think about something more personal, helpful, or impactful to do to help commemorate the occasion.

You might just have the perfect idea in mind for a good friend. But then again, if you’re reading this, you might be in need of suggestions! You’re in luck there, as we’ve put together a range of different items and gestures that make for excellent housewarming gifts.

Set Up A Food Subscription

The moving process doesn’t stop when your friend gets into his or her new home. It lasts a while, and unpacking and organizing alone can drag out for weeks. If you’re going to do it right, finishing a move should occupy a good portion of your free time for a long while after you first “move in.” That makes it a little bit of a challenge to get out and go shopping or find takeout for meals. So one of the most helpful gestures you can make for a housewarming gift is to set up a food subscription. You can find a lot of options at Blueapron.com that will send affordable packs of ingredients and recipes right to your friend’s doorstep a few times a week. The food still needs to be cooked, but it’s a nice way to take the burden of shopping off your friend’s hands in the early going.

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Drive Your Friend’s Car To The New Home

This is definitely more of a gesture than a gift, but it’s one that can be a big help. Particularly if the move involves a good deal of distance, a personal car can actually be a nuisance. There are professional services that can take care of this for you, and at EasyCarShipping.com you can actually take a look at the options. You may be just as happy buying a service that will take care of the car for you. But you can also volunteer to drive the car to the new home, allowing your friend to relax and fly, or even drive a moving truck with the last of the boxes and furniture.

Buy A Surprise Home Accessory

People who are moving generally don’t expect to buy too many new things. That’s why it’s called moving, and not just starting fresh. But if you’ve helped with the moving process, you might have noticed if a particular home accessory or piece of furniture that belongs to your friend just isn’t cutting it anymore. That’s your chance to come up with a perfect gift. For instance, if your friend’s coffee table is on its last legs, have a new one sitting in the living room waiting on move-in day. Or if his or her speakers are outdated, consider outfitting the new home with Bluetooth speakers that are ready to go on day one. There are plenty of specific ideas that would fall under this umbrella.

Focus On Comfort

Sometimes a smaller gift geared toward making the new home more comfortable can be just the thing. That might mean new couch pillows or a throw blanket for a living room chair; or you could get a little more serious and learn about duvet covers or body pillows to come up with the perfect accessory for the master bedroom. For the right friend, even something as simple and playful as a big cuddly stuffed animal might do the trick. But generally speaking, comfort is always appreciated in a move-in situation, so be on the lookout for knowledgeable outlets like Plumeria Bay that will help you best understand your needs and those of your gift-ees as well.

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Buy Something Completely Unnecessary

If you really just want to add some fun to the move, consider buying something fun and unnecessary that you know your friend will like. For example, think of something related to a hobby or interest your friend might have. It could be a musical instrument, tickets to a performance, a new surfboard, or any number of other nice gifts. This is just a reminder that your housewarming gesture doesn’t have to be related to the move. It can just be a congratulatory gift!