Some of the richest people in the world got their start from their dorm room, so there’s really no excuse for being the typical “poor college student”. Here are seven different ways that you can make money without ever leaving your dorm. Perhaps you can be the next big success story to come out of college.

#1: Become a YouTube Celebrity

One of the more attractive ways to make money is to start your own YouTube channel and build up a strong fan base. YouTube will pay you a percentage of the ad money that comes in from the videos you upload. All you have to do is find a topic that people are very interested in that you know a lot about and infotain them for a profit.

#2: Get Into Graphic Design

Have you ever been told that you are very creative? If so, you can put that creativity to use in the world of graphic design. Companies are always looking for logos, icons, and other graphics for websites and print media of all types.

#3: Trade Penny Stocks

Even if you don’t have much money to start with, you can trade penny stocks and make more money in a weekend then most of your friends do all month. If you choose the right penny stocks  you can make money and still have plenty of time to study and attend your classes – at least until you don’t have to anymore.

#4: Sell Your Writing or Start a Blog

One of the quickest and easiest ways to make money is to write. This can be done from anywhere and you can command a high rate if you are a good writer. You can either sell your writing directly to blog owners or you can start your own blog and collect advertising revenue directly.

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#5: Create an Online Store

If you’re not a good writer you can still benefit from owning a website, and these days you can sell just about anything without having to keep an inventory of products. You can use what’s called drop-shipping to fulfill your orders, and all you’ll be responsible for is bringing visitors to your website and turning them into customers.

#6: Sell Personal Items

One way to make some extra cash is to sell some of your personal items. Old smartphones that you no longer use, or other electronic devices make are prime candidates for getting some pocket money. If you don’t feel like parting with your personal items you can also keep an eye out for things to sell while you’re at a thrift shop or discount outlet.

#7: Earn a Little From Many Places

Rather than try to make a lot of money from one source you can make a few dollars from a lot of different sources that adds up to a lot. Taking surveys, watching videos, and even working out can all be monetized. You won’t make a ton from one transaction but when you put them all together they can pay for a night out on the town.