When we think about Christmas, we’re usually contemplating what to buy friends and family members or wondering if there will be enough food for everyone at Christmas lunch.

Unfortunately, we rarely think about what would happen in the event that we don’t have home insurance over the Christmas period. With Christmas around the corner and kids desperately waiting for Santa, there are a few things you can do to make sure the jolly guy in the red is your only visitor.


Last Christmas saw a 14% jump in domestic burglaries in the United States, and it turns out that December is always one of the most common months for this type of crime, and numbers peak on the 23rd. In the week leading up to Christmas, burglary incidents can sometimes be up to 28% higher than the average throughout the rest of the year.

While criminals will usually take time off over Christmas and burglaries tend to drop by 65% each year on Christmas Eve, and 56% on Christmas day, it’s simply not worth the risk of having all of your gifts stolen while you’re uninsured.

There are a few things you can do to keep you and your family safe over the holidays. Firstly, make sure that your bank and credit card statements are locked away, since burglars often look for this type of data. Jewellery and items with a sentimental value that you consider irreplaceable should be kept in a safe, or on you over the holiday system. Take photos of your most important items and write down any serial numbers of unusual features. This type of information is invaluable if you need to make a claim in the event that anything is taken.

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Whenever you’re out of the house over the holidays, always ensure that all of your doors and windows are closed and locked. Often people will leave their home unlocked while popping down to the shop or over to the neighbours, which is when you can be victim of a crime of opportunity.


One of the most important things you can do is to ensure that you have home insurance. Just like a home insurance from Chill which will ideally protect both your home and all of the belongings inside your home. Most insurance policies will cover Christmas gifts, even if they’re expensive, however you should check this in your PDS before purchasing your cover or making your holiday arrangements.

Having home insurance over Christmas could potentially be the difference between being the family that loses everything but can then repurchase it at a later date, and a family that simply loses everything at Christmas.

Everyone thinks that a Christmas burglary will happen to somebody else, but remember: the people who are burgled never thought it would happen to them either. For this reason, make sure you’re being smart this Christmas and taking all necessary precautions, including purchasing home insurance if you don’t’ yet have cover for your home and contents.

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