Studying can be exceptionally difficult, and unbelievably time consuming, especially if you are
studying a challenging course such as a bachelors in nursing or an MSN in nursing administration.. It’s also undeniably expensive. While you may be able to claim scholarships and bursaries to help cover your tuition fees, chances are you’ll need to earn at least a little extra to help with living costs and other expenses. The idea of getting a boring job, alongside your studies, might fill you with dread. However, there are some fun ways you can make money. University after all, isn’t just about studying, it’s also about enjoy student life. You may only get this chance once.


Blogging is a great hobby, and offers a way of meeting new people, making friends, and learning new skills. You may find you even find out a lot about yourself as you write.

Become a Tour Guide

Showing tourists around your city is a really fun way to make extra cash. You could work for a company, or advertise yourself as a freelancer. All you need to get started is a good knowledge of your local area and some customers.

Answer Questions

Answering people’s questions is a brilliant and interesting way to make money. You’ll work via chat, email or phone, answering customer’s questions for a fee each time. There are a few companies you can register with, so find the right one for you.

Market Research and Product Testing

Secret shopping is a great way to find new products and restaurants, get a free meal or night out, and maybe make a little extra cash too. Assignments usually involve going to a restaurant or shop, behaving like a normal customer and then reporting back on your experience. Another option is to register as a product tester. You’ll get to try some new products before they hit the shops.

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Reviewing Music

There are a few websites that will pay your money just to listen to music and offer your opinion. This is good fun, as well as a great way to relax.

Be a Hangover Helper

A fantastic student job. We all know the pain of waking up with a hangover. You can now register as a hangover helper. You’ll go around the morning after the night before, take your client breakfast, and help motivate them for the day ahead. You might get some strange assignments, but could potentially meet some fun people.

Sell Your Photos

Students have some great experiences and adventures. This probably means you have got some brilliant photographs. If are a keen photographer, and take high quality photos, get out there snapping. Selling your photos online, to stock photo websites can earn you some spare cash while improving your photography skills.

If you are studying an intense course, such as an MSN online from Bradley University, you will want to choose a money maker that doesn’t take too much time away from your studies. But there is no reason making money has to be boring, it’s really great when you can earn money doing something you enjoy.